Let The Beatings Begin

So this is one of the last pictures I have in my current state of fat-assery.  From here on in folks you will be seeing thinner and thinner versions of me…that is a promise.  This pic was taken about a week before the good doctor chewed my butt for lunch for being a pathetic, lazy, ignorant, unhealthy, chain smoking….lard ass and please try to remember that black is supposed to be a slimming color.  It’s the only picture I could find to show so you can fully appreciate the condition I am in. 

 Here is the Ugly Truth:

Weight:  300

Height: 6’1

Resting Heart Rate: 90+

Resting SpO2: 96% (this is the Oxygen level in your capillary beds)

Blood Pressure whilst medicated: 156/110

Blood Pressure when un-medicated: 240/150

Cholesterol level:  320+

Pant Size:  44

Shirt Size: xxl and in some cases xxxl (more often times than not it’s a xxxl)

Cigarettes smoked per day:  40+

 Say it with me friends …..T-R-A-I-N-W-R-E-C-K


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