Sleep Study

I went in last night for my first sleep study one of the many things the good Doc wants further testing on since he suspects I have Sleep Apnea.  I showed up and was hooked up to about 1000 wires including one very uncomfortable one that was stuck up my nose.  The place was decent, kind of like a hotel room the only drawback was I was told I had to begin the study at 10pm….I haven’t been to bed that early since I was 4.  Anyway the study sucked and I felt like I didn’t sleep at all which is pretty normal for me.  The Tech told me in the morning that I would have to follow up with the Pulmonary Doctor to see the results and scheduled me for the second sleep study night.  I asked if I had what I now call “The Apnea” and she said she was not supposed to say but yeah I had it and I have it “pretty bad”  I thought to my self how lovely yet another thing I am afflicted with.  More on this to come after I see the Doc again and see just what I have to do (besides lose weight) to take care of this problem.

5-3-2009 pics 261
Wired for Sound

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