Farwell Lisinopril….I Hardly Knew Ya.

I was finally taken off the last of my medications today after a visit to the Doctor.  I was told I no longer need the high blood pressure medication.   It was like a giant weight had been removed and I am a month ahead of schedule.  He checked me out, raised a brow when he looked at the weight the nurse had written on the page when she had me step on the scale.   I am 35 pounds lighter today than I was the last time I stepped into his office.  He offered sincere congratulations and asked how I was feeling.  My response was “I will be better when I achieve my goal of 100 pounds” his response was a smile and “Keep it up, you’re an animal.”  We discussed my diet and goals and he interjected his signature profanity into the conversation.  I am scheduled for blood work in the fall to check my cholesterol levels.  I wonder how I will spend the 5$ that I no longer will have to spend on my script co-pay?  I think I shall treat myself to a new water bottle for El’ Chupacabra.

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