Clipless Clips, Clippity Claps, Who Cares Just Hand Them Over

Today I switched my pedals to the clip in kind which apparently as the snotty little turd at the bike shop informed me they are actually called “clipless”….  whatever lets not argue over semantics.  I have never worn shoes that clip or cliplessly clip themselves to the bike and in all honesty they frighten me.  I don’t think it’s the fear of injury that made me resist them until now but the fear of falling over.  So I tried out some of the shoes and made my selection paid snotty boy for the wares and went home to attach my new stuff to El’ Chupacraba.  Now snotty boy said it would take weeks to get used to them and that they were nothing like the BMX style platforms I had been rocking he blathered on and on about leaning up against a tree practicing blah blah blah I tuned him out after about 4.1 seconds.  I attached them to the bike put on the shoes and then went for a ride because fortune favors the bold.  I noticed instantly how much better pedalling felt and fell in love after a few pedal strokes.  I could clip and unclip or whatever term the hipsters are using these days rather easily.  Practice smactice pashaw.

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