You Can Have My Remote When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Fingers

I have followed with wavering interest the Tour De France for many a year now.  Prior to this year though my interest could be summed up by the visulization of me sitting on the couch with fat rolls rolling taking drag after drag from a Marlboro and stuffing fried chicken in my mouth while I blankly stared at the television.  At best in years pass I would watch half of the stages and was guilty of chanel surfing whilst watching.  This year since I have taken up cycling again I am watching with the passion of a thousand French prostitutes.  Here we are Stage 3 and I am a full blown TDF addict, which is not a bad thing because it has had an unforseen inspirational effect on me.  I have not been watching in the mornings I either wait till I get to work and watch it in the afternoon or stream it from my computer.  Mornings are still reserved for my own riding, unfortunately I lack anyone to really discuss the TDF with.

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