Really I Did Win…..I Just Dont Have Anything To Show For It

Since I discovered the MapMyRide site I have been entering data into the training log like it was a religious obligation.  Whats rad is I can actually see multiple improvements in my riding.  I enter the data and it gives me the daily averages and the daily averages have been going up as far a speed and distance and going down as far as weight and time.  I am pleased with my progress but not so pleased that I run out and start pounding fast food and cola in celebration.  I got an e-mail for a new contest from the site and it wanted “Your Personal Challenge Story”  so I figure eh, I can string words together in a semi-literate fashion why not.  I write less than a page on my health problems and losing weight, my goals etc and submit the thing to the site.  The prize was a membership upgrade on the site which apparently allows you to access more tools and whatnot.  I was hoping it was for something a little more substantial like a new bike or something equally as awesome but nay, it was just for a membership upgrade. 


A few days later I get an email from a woman saying my story is very inspirational and she would like to publish the story and I have won the contest (I now curse at the fact it was not for a bike).  Inspirational?  Huh?  Oddly for as much as they hyped this contest up I still have not been granted that membership upgrade.

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