Steady Gains

Today I broke down and ordered two cycling jerseys.  I have been looking around for a while and found one style that listed “lose fit” in the description.  I don’t think I, or the general public for that matter, wants or needs to see the skintight lycra style of jersey upon my body.  I am thinking though that by the end of summer I will be placing an order for the aforementioned skin tight variety.  I also picked up some road shoes and new pedals for Mc Stealthy I can hardly wait to get them put on and take them for a run.  I have been studying the reports offered through the MapMyRide site and although it does not seem my rides have improved according to the reports nearly every ride has time shaved off of it sometimes its seconds and on the really good days its minutes.  I have noticed that I coast a lot less now on my rides particularly when I am riding on relatively flat roads.  My legs are not the problem, it is my lungs however little by little I am making steady gains as far as my cardio goes.

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