A Week Off

We recently took a trip to Florida and in doing so I didn’t touch a bike in a week.  I started riding again the morning after I got home and it was actually not as painful as I thought it was going to be, I had planned a meager 26 mile ride that morning but stretched an extra 10 miles out of it because at the 26 mile mark I was still feeling saucy.  I kept to the diet while on vacation and it solidified the fact in my mind that the mass population of the world still does not get “it”.  Every restaurant was a new exercise in trying to explain to the waitstaff that “no in fact I do not want chicken on that grilled chicken salad.”  My Brother-in-law took us to a pretty cool place called Tijuana Flats that had a delicious black bean and rice burrito and offered a whole grain wrap instead of the starched flour tortilla that comes standard.  They had a hot sauce bar with something like 15 different choices, none of which were all THAT hot.   I somehow actually managed to lose weight on vacation which I found odd because the bulk of my physical activity while there was throwing my kids all over the pool and walking through Downtown Disney.  I was relived when I stepped on the scale the morning after I arrived back home. 

I’m down to 232lbs…..only 32 more pounds to go.

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