Thank You Dr. Jones…You Ruined My Ride Today

I woke up the yesterday morning with a throbbing tooth, after brushing my teeth I went to rinse and when the cold water hit the tooth it was like someone shot me in the face with a SCUD missile.  It was 4:45am and there was nothing I could do until the Dentist office opened up at whatever hour they get off of the golf course.  I decided to go for a ride anyway so I put on the stuff flipped the wheel of the trusty Ipod and set out on my course in the dark.  About 3 seconds into the ride I discovered that if I breath through my mouth it has the same SCUD missile shot into my face effect that cold water does.  I press on breathing through my nose and for a fat guy straining on a bike….not so easy.  I rode on all the while complaining to myself about the tooth.  I cut myself off mid sentence and said to the lazy side of my head to “Shut your pie hole we are riding today”  and went back to the Danzig album pumping through the headphones.   Then it hit me I had to work today and there would be no drilling of teeth until at the earliest tomorrow which in actuality is today…confused yet?  So I go to the dentist the day after someone shot a SCUD into my back molar and find out I need….wait for it….here it comes…..stop reading now if you hate dentists….I have to have not one but two root canals.  Lovely.  He shot me so full of magical numbing fluid that my left eye was numb, and after an hour of drilling and shoving files into the pulp of my teeth he turned me loose.  I had planned on riding Paint Creek last night for a grand total of 32 miles but opted for some serious couch time and a few 800 mg Motrin.

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