Fill The Boot

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Daily Weirdness

Last week my fire department did our annual “Fill the Boot” to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  We took to the streets and played in traffic trying to shame passing motorists into throwing money into our outstretched boots.  Our MDA Rep was out there and cracking off pics to show back at the office and she emailed me all of the pics she took.  I was simply amazed at how thin I looked in those pics, and for the first time since I have started trying to get back into shape I actually noticed.  The couple of pics that feature me, because for years I have avoided cameras, did more for my determination that anything I can remember.  I admitted to my wife the other day that I think I have a body dismorphic disorder, that I view myself as much heavier than I really am.  I look into a mirror and see the 300 pound guy I saw in March when the reality is I am now a 230 pound person.  My clothing no longer fits and people lately have been making a lot of comments on how much weight I have lost, and it is a foreign concept in my own mind. 

Then when I saw the pics something finally popped in my brain “Holy crap, you are looking thin” not as thin and in shape as I want to be but thinner that I did a few months ago.  Soon I will be able to finally unleash the statement “Well you know 100 pounds ago I couldn’t have done that” and that will be a glorious day.



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