First Trainer Ride

I got my chubby fingers on a trainer yesterday and decided that this morning I was going to try it out in lieu of my usual early-morning-why-am-I-awake-at-this-unholy-hour-ride.  So I spent a few minutes setting the bike into it last night and it was far too simple, so simple in fact that I could hardly believe it could be the correct way to set the rear end of the bike into it.  I jump on and give the pedals a few revolutions and didn’t go crashing to the floor so figured that had to be right.  Last night before I went to bed I gathered all of my work clothing and items and my cycling garb like I usually do and headed off to deep C-PAP assisted slumber. 

 This morning I quickly jumped on Mc Stealthy which was already set up in the family room and started pedaling away,  here are my observations:

  1. This will be really cool when its -1000 degrees and we have our standard elevendy billion inches of snow on the ground.
  2. While it was good to get the feel of how this thing operates I should have spent the morning on my usual ride……outside
  3. I am bored out of my skull.
  4. TV and I-pod assisted family room riding is boring.
  5. I feel like I am at the health club staring blindly at the vast and endless bank of televisions stuck on CNN.
  6. I need to get a fan to put in front of me while I am doing family room rides.
  7. Prednisone sucks and I think my core body temp is about 312 degrees luckily I am only on it for another 2 days.
  8. This trainer is actually nearly silent.  We tested it last night by having everyone go to their rooms and lie in their beds and listen for noise coming from the family room.  No one could hear a thing so family room rides will be a daily event in the winter.
  9. I sweat like a whore in church while I am riding in the house.
  10.  The new bike computer that Mc Stealthy is sporting is about the most user-unfriendly thing I have ever encountered.  (Note to self: find receipt and take that piece of crap back to the shop)
  11. Water bottles and my usual Clif Bar breakfast were much easier to get at and consume.
  12. It was easier to change from artist to artist on the I-pod.
  13. I need a good place to put the TV remote.

 All in all I liked it, despite all of the negatives I put, the positive is I will have no excuse not to ride in the winter which is why I got the trainer in the first place.  I am thinking I need a good stock pile of movies and DVR stuff to watch on the tele though.

4 thoughts on “First Trainer Ride

  1. Hi there,

    I found your blog by way of Fat Cyclist’s blog. I can really relate to the challenges of weight loss – and using cycling to do it. 12 months ago I was 95Kg (around 209lb, I think) and have shrunk down to 68Kg (I think that’s around the 150lb mark, I’m not too good on conversions). It sounds to me like you’re well on track for that 100lb loss. Congratulations and well done on what you’ve achieved so far! 🙂


      1. Thanks 🙂 I’ve just remembered why I actually wanted to leave a comment (I got so caught up trying to convert metric to imperial that I got distracted)!

        I also have a wind trainer at home. And it is *very* useful for getting in some training Kms when the weather is dodgy. As you’ve noted, it can be incredibly boring. I’ve countered this in two ways:
        1. Spinervals DVDs. There’s a whole stack of them, each designed to achieve a different goal. For me, the goal is weight loss, so pretty much any of them will do the trick!
        2. DVDs. One of my favourites is Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” concert recorded at Wembley Stadium. She’s a million kinds of hot, and on occasion, when I’m delirious from too much exercise, I imagine that I look like her (yes, I’m a chick). When I’m not in the mood for Pink, The Simpsons are good. I go for episodes that I’ve seen a million times before because it means I don’t have to focus too hard on the plot, and can enjoy it while still giving myself a caning on the trainer.

        Lately, I’ve just been braving the cold and with a bit of HTFU and a number of layers, it’s been OK. There’s only been one occasion that I’ve turned back because of the cold – and that’s when the temperature was 1 degree (I think around 33F)! I know that’s not “snow” cold, but it’s still pretty cold for sub-tropical Australia 🙂

      2. Max,

        Thanks for the suggestion, I just placed my order for the Spinervals DVD’s.


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