“You Gonna Start Racing?”

I have been getting asked the above question a lot lately.   Certain days of the week I ride my bike into work that way I can eek out as many miles as possible before I go on duty.  I am pretty fortunate in that my place of employment has a full locker room with showers and multiple washers and dryers to wash my clothing in,  both cycling stuff and my work uniforms.  The guys at work see that I ride a lot and they just assume I am training for a race…then they take the liberty of looking up races and posting the information on my locker.  I usually respond “Uh dude, remember me…a few months ago I got winded holding the lighter up to the end of my cigarette and needed to sit down for a rest when I went to the freezer for more ice cream.”  I subscribe to both setting and obtaining goals, in the fire service we call it “Tactical Benchmarks” where you constantly evaluate your progress and change tactics as needed to meet the goal.  Right now I am in the reconstruction stage, strict diet combined with massive exercise to get my weight down and my cardio vascular health up. 

 Oh I race everyday, against myself….. and I am an evil opponent.

One thought on ““You Gonna Start Racing?”

  1. Hello there. Thanks for leaving a comment chez moi… read up on your blog. I definitely agree that you are braver than I! Rome traffic is bad and drivers here are insane, but at least they are used to riders and scooters, so we ‘considered’ in the cycling equation. Still gets us run over and cursed, but at least they expect us around…

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