My Online Brush With Fame

Before I changed my eating habits I researched what diet or change I needed and would be best suited for me and what I was trying to accomplish.  I heard over and over that if I really wanted to change the way I lived and wanted drastic change I should switch to a vegan diet.  I begrudgingly agreed to look further into the whole vegan thing.  I was a self professed “meatatarian” I could count on one finger the amount of vegetables I would include in my weekly food intake, unless of course you include French fries, the smattering of shredded lettuce that comes on a Big-Mac, or the tomato slices that are so prominently featured on a Double Whopper.  I sought out the advice of people with more education on the matter than I had, weighed the pros and cons and made my decision…..I am going vegan.  By chance one day while at work I was thumbing through a men’s magazine and happened to find a small blurb at the bottom of the page that referenced vegan diets, intrigued I read on.  They outlined 3 or 4 different books that all contained recipes and the like.  I saw a title that instantly grabbed my interest it was called “The Engine 2 Diet” a vegan diet book written by Fire Fighter Rip Esselstyn.  I sought out the website and examined every page, word, syllable and letter.  I liked it, I was sold, and the next day I went out and bought the book.  Later I find out that this book was or is on the NY Times Best Seller list, I’m not exactly sure what that entails but I only assume it means a lot of people have both bought and read the book. 

Now I am just now coming to grips with what I have accomplished in the last few months.  I have been so focused on the finish line I have ultimately blinded myself to the race.  I have now lost 75 pounds and have completely taken control of my health in the process.  I wanted to share my story with Rip, the author of the Engine 2 Diet; after all ultimately it’s the recipes in that book and the way he wrote it that I think I owe him a certain amount of acclaim.  I sent him an email telling him the story and in all honesty I expected to not hear back from him given he is a NY Times Best Selling Author and all and I am just a dude who eats funny and neurotically rides a bike.  Lo and behold I get an email from him the same day and it’s literally teeming with encouragement and congratulations he wants a picture and he tells me he is going to write a blog post about it on his site.  I oblige and a few emails later, all of which had words of encouragement, he tells me the post is finished.  Here it is if you want to check it out.

7 thoughts on “My Online Brush With Fame

  1. Congrats! Admire your determination and enjoyed the blog after seeing it on the E2 page.

    I’ve been following the E2 lifestyle Rip’s blog and while not at the level you’ve achieved, yet, have been very pleased with the objective numbers from labs and the scale as well as how I think I look and feel. Ha a simiar experience with rip and getting posted a bit ago.

    Was quite fit as a naval aviator but post retirement and transition to a new career fell into some hiorrid habits and had astoundingly bad numbers as well. Oddly, was my entrance into the fire service (volunteer in PA) and learnign about the prevalence of FF deaths due to cardiac problems that served as the wake up call. Rip’s status as a FF and a triathlete along with the menu items and sheer sense made me a convert.

    Enjoy your blog and will check in routinely.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Gene,

    Thank you for sharing your story!

    I found your blog on the E2 website. I’ve been trying to convert my hunter meatarian man and so far he will do 2 out of 3 meals vegan. He has high cholesterol and high blood pressureand he struggles with the real men eat meat concept. He loves to ride his bike (cycle), so thank you!

    I’m going to gently encourage him to read your blog. Thanks for being a tattooed tough guy vegan.



  3. Gene, there’s only one thing to say – you’re a million kinds of awesome! That’s a terrific story and a terrific outcome. Congratulations!

  4. Gene,
    What an enjoyable, and entertaining, and inspirational blog you are writing. I love to come across people like you who have quite literally reinvented themselves by making such 360 degree changes in their lifestlyes.
    Keep riding your bike! And I bet you’ll pick up jogging next. . .the half-marathons, then . . .

  5. I am convinced that Rip and his father are in a class of their own. I wrote a letter to his father about his book prior to Rip’s coming out and received a hand written note back with an invitation to call him and discuss his book and my heath. Amazing!!

    1. Rip and I exchanged a ton of e-mails before he put me up on his blog. I never expected that at all I was thinking I would get some form letter from some lackie thanking me for buying the book and that was going to be the end of it. Truly a nice guy. I tried to convey, without sounding like a psycho, that the plan he wrote literally changed and saved my life. I think he got it.

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