Day Off Random-ness

In honor of today’s self imposed “off the bike” day I will bring you random things from the past few weeks and as an added bonus random observations from the Tour of Ireland.


  1. I pass by a lot of abandoned shoes in the course of my inner city cycling.  Oddly, 9 out of the last 10 shoes I passed by were made for the right foot.  It begs the question what happened to all of the left footed shoes?
  2. There is a yellow mix breed dog that chases me almost every morning for at least half a block.  He has zero interest in me on my return trip.
  3. I pass more liquor stores than churches or schools.
  4. What do cows drink with their cookies?
  5. There is a SCUBA mask on the side of the road at mile 6; it has been there for weeks.  Somewhere a diver is not happy and not seeing too well under water I assume.
  6. I didn’t think I would ever be so obsessed with the “breathability” of my clothing like I am now.
  7. If you select “play all” when you land upon my Ipod Dropkick Murphy’s collection it provides for roughly 228 miles of pedaling music.
  8. The word Ipod is not recognized by spell check, and I would imagine Microsoft would instantly fire the employee that made that evil Apple word recognizable by Microsoft Word.

 Random Observations from the Tour of Ireland

  1. Failte means welcome, that’s in case you didn’t know.
  2. This is the greatest race on the planet…. because it’s in Ireland, although I am 100% Irish I feel like I can still make an un-biased statement on this matter.
  3. They look really comfortable on their bikes, unlike me who uses a frame that is too small I look all crunched up.  I want to be comfortable I really really do.
  4. Somehow Versus has managed to master String Theory and can actually bend and convolute the time space continuum to crunch a few hours worth of racing into one hour…..with commercials I may add.  I mean honestly would it kill you guys to postpone the hunting shows just for three days so we can watch the greatest race ever?
  5. They have either mastered String Theory or they are in possession of a fully operational Flux Capacitor.
  6. Snickering to myself how many people just did a Google search on String Theory.
  7. If anyone wants to buy me the Team Ireland cycling kit I will gladly provide you with my mailing address, thanks in advance by the way.
  8. Tour of Ireland does not have all of the flashy signs, kites, and Km markers that the Tour De France does…I demand to know why.

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