Weekend Wrap-Up

Posted: August 31, 2009 in Daily Weirdness

Yesterday I decided to forget the computer, the times, and the route and just ride for the sake of riding.  I left my house and pedaled in a direction I have yet to explore and while it was a serious ride it was distinctly un-serious at the same time.  I maintained a good rhythm and speed but I didn’t obsess over it like other days.  I found myself on a road I usually take to my brother’s house and noticed that behind the tree line beside the road there was a trail.  I jumped the curb and hit the trail that was far too wide to be an accident.  I followed for what felt like forever and I knew I was coming to a small river that passed under the road.  I wondered just how this path was going to cross it when from around the trees I spotted the solution.  It was a small covered bridge about 50 feet away from the road completely hidden from sight.  In my attempt to escape life for a few hours I had left my cell phone on the kitchen table so I could not take a picture of it.  I have been driving on this road for decades and never knew this little bridge existed. 

 I continued to ride and it was a huge relief that the streets that are usually cramped and crowded with cars were nearly vacant.  I was two towns away from my house and skirting around a lake when 2 Canadian Geese charged me from the bank of the lake.  Their mouths were wide open and they were on a dead sprint for me.  I couldn’t help but laugh at them and I pedaled harder to avoid the attack.  Geese will now be added to the rapidly growing list of wildlife that hates me…..demon possessed raccoons and rabid geese.  It occurs to me while riding I need to get in and find a new saddle, not really sure what happened this week but my ass no longer fits this one.  I suppose it was bound to happen though, if you lose enough weight your ass changes and the old saddle no longer works properly.    I found a hill on some back road that is absolute MURDER, I thought about not even attempting but after calling myself names for a few seconds I went for it.  It hurt…..bad and just to further insult myself I got to the top, turned around, descended the hill, and then climbed it again.  I am pretty sure at one point an elderly one legged woman on crutches passed me laughing on the second climb.  I can’t be sure I think I was actually delusional.   When I got back home I logged my ride into MapMyRide and had completed over 40 miles, which suprised me I didnt think I had actually rode that far.

I am starting to really recognize the need to up my caloric intake on a daily basis now to accommodate the longer and longer rides.   I am walking, or riding as it were, a fine line between eating too much and not eating enough to support solid cycling.  This coupled with my decreasing weight makes for a tricky proposition which is changing daily.  I want to continue to drop pounds but I also need enough calories and energy to have good rides.  Perhaps I need to consult an actual professional about this someone who knows something more about nutrition than I do?   

Friday I managed to stave off a full on attack of a nicotine fit.  Since I quit smoking a while ago I have not allowed myself to get caught in places where there a lot of smokers.  Friday night was the first time I was faced with a room full of smokers.  Our Fire Department Union has a Non-Profit Charity attached to it and we held our yearly fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy at our officially un-official clubhouse, a pub in our city.  I was there from 5pm till just after midnight surrounded by smokers and amazingly despite the cravings I didn’t cave.  I chalk it up to another small yet important victory for me.  For comparison I am attaching two pics, one from the 2009 event and one from 2008.  For some odd reason its only in pictures that I notice any difference in the way I look.

2009 Fundraiser

2009 Fundraiser

2008 Fundraiser

2008 Fundraiser

That’s pretty much the weekend in review, thanks for stopping by.

  1. Nice post… sometimes the best training ride is just exploring new roads. Always interesting to see what you come up with!

    Congrats also on your weight loss. The difference is very obvious in the pictures.

    A small word of advice – careful on limiting the caloric intake – you are now becoming a ‘real’ rider – eat a wee bit more and just ride your heart out. The weight will continue to come off!

  2. Max says:

    The struggle to find the right caloric intake is one I share with you. When I first started losing weight, I was on 1800 calories a day. At each 10% loss, my caloric intake has been reduced by 100 calories. Doesn’t sound like much, but as the weight has come off, and my cycling has increased, the weight loss has slowed dramatically. I’m giving serious thought to bumping it up to 1700 cal (currently on 1500).

    I’m also thinking about riding a road less travelled. With the Moreton Bay Cycleway starting a mere 2Km from my house, it’s become all too easy to just do that ride in and out every other day – but it’s also become boring. I’m thinking of riding from my place, to the suburb where I grew up, and back again via a big loop. I’m guessing it’ll be between 40 and 60Km. Maybe I’ll do that today!

    Your weight loss is pretty obvious from the photos, isn’t it? You’ve done a great job mate! And good on you for resisting the evil cigarettes too!

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