Trainer Madness

The last two days have not been friendly to cycling in any sort of way.  Well, at least not conducive to long rides that is.  Between work and a host of other matters of critical importance I have had to put the trainer into service to get what I could out of the day.  My usual rides take just a few minutes over 2 hours the last two days I have had an hour….no more.  I decided to go hell bent on the trainer and eek the most I could out of that precious hour.  The highest resistance setting along with the highest gear possible and hammer away at it for the hour I had.  Day one went good and I felt like I had the hardest ride of my life my legs throbbed and I was a sweaty mess.  I was still fighting boredom so day two (today) I decided to have fun with it. 

I dressed in my entire cycling garb and even put on my helmet.  I had a recording of one of the Tour de France stages on my DVR so I played that while I was riding.  Before I started I filled up every water bottle I had and lined them up on the coffee table and loaded one up in the cage.  I started my ride and invented a small and mostly insane game to help pass the time.  Whenever I saw a rider toss a water bottle I would toss mine across the room then I would grab a new one off of the coffee table and load it into the cage.  That was fun for about 20 minutes until I tossed the last of my bottles across the room and with no domestiques and no team car I was left without until my 6 year old lined them all back on the table for me.   The rest of the time I just hammered away and wished I was outside.

Tomorrow there is far less “stuff” that will require my attention therefore I will be able to resume my regular riding at the regular time of “Holy sweet God in heaven it’s early.”

5 thoughts on “Trainer Madness

  1. 1. I am beginning to worry about you… 😉

    2. Trainer boredom is a truly serious affliction. This year I have decided to deal with it this way:

    Ergo, I am the proud owner of a Fortius VR trainer.

    I will brief you on whether the insane amount of money paid is worth it.

    Then again, I live in a very small Euro apartment. The wife would definitely NOT approve of my throwing water bottles across the living room…

    1. Hey that looks pretty cool, is there an option to throw a wicked stiff arm into one of the other riders? Or perhaps jam a tire pump into his spokes. I think I will write them a letter and suggest such things. I dunno I think you can get away with chucking a water bottle or two across the room, if that isisnt going to work try chucking a few out of an open window.

    2. That tacx trainer is one of the coolest things ever. They go for about a zillion bucks here. I know of one rider on the other side of the country who has one – and she reckons it’s the duck’s nuts.

      Looking at the demo video though, I was really disappointed to see that you couldn’t just “muscle” the other riders off their bikes. You know, a little shoulder charge could make all the difference between winning and just podiuming. Me, I’d be grateful just to cross the finish line 😉

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