Stuff That Does Not Fit

I knew when I started the diet and exercise that the day would come where stuff stopped fitting right.  Pants would be too big, shirts would uncomfortably drape over me.  It was not a big deal; I welcomed it with open arms.  As the weight started falling so did my pants…really they did.  I have dropped nearly 10 pant sizes…that I did not expect.  Instead of buying new pants to fit my shrinking waist line I simply tightened up my belt , that was until my belt no longer fit.  I thought it would be a huge waste of money to buy new clothes only to have to buy more new clothing as my weight continued to drop.  I regaled you with a story a while ago about my first cycling jersey purchase and how I went with a loose cut style.  Now I am swimming in the jerseys, even they are too big.  I have wandered from xxxl shirt size clear into a large.  There will be no more “X” anything in front of the sizes on my clothing by God. 

 There were a few surprises or shall I say a few things I did not think about with regards to “Jesus that stuff just does not fit anymore.”  I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, could have been that I was too focused on losing the weight and not on the details of what would happen when I did.

 A list of the surprising things that no longer fit.

 My Kilts:  I have 3 of them, I play in 2 different pipe and drum bands which require one kilt each the third is my own family Tartan.  None of them fit now and they cannot be altered.  Kilts are custom made for the wearer and mine were custom made for a 300 pound male.  Have you any idea how expensive kilts are?  Horrifyingly expensive I will tell you that much.  Since I don’t plan on ever being a 300 pound male again or a 300 pound female for that matter I am now in possession of about 27 yards of really expensive wool.  I am thinking they would make a nice table cloth or perhaps a nice area rug?

 My Rings:  I only wear two, one is my wedding band and one is my Masonic Square and Compass ring.  Neither fit now and I have had to stop wearing them for fear of losing them.  I am going to wait to get the wedding band sized until I am done losing weight its gold and can easily be cut and refitted.  I am out of luck with the Masonic ring, it is made of stainless steel and cannot be resized.  Both rings mean a lot to me and it kills me that I can’t wear them.  I am going to have to look into getting a new Masonic ring in the future.  I had no idea that ones fingers could hold so much fat in them. 



My Doc’s:  Docs have been a mainstay on my feet since I was but a 13 year old fledgling punk rocker.  It’s all I ever wear…classic black 10 eye Docs.  Apparently my feet and ankles held as much fat as my fingers did because now my feet slop around in my Docs like they are 2 sizes too big.  I suspect that the particular pair I have now where stretched out by my fat feet and ankles and while they are the correct size for my feets the rest of the boot does not fit.   I pull the laces as hard as I possibly can until the two sides meet in the middle but alas, still sloppy.



My Glasses:  I have the raddest pair of glasses EVER!  They are styled like the old 50’s  cat eye specs but they are a tad more modern and….wait for it…they are made by Converse All Star.  I nearly wet my pants when I saw them.  Again much like my fingers and my ankles I had no clue my head could hold so much fat in the temple area.  Now whenever I am wearing them and I bend over or look down they like to slide off of my face.  Given the horror story that is my Oakley’s I resist going to the Optometrist to get them sized or adjusted.  I am thinking I need some kind of fancy chain to hang around my neck that holds my glasses like my grandmother use to wear, I am still unconvinced I can pull that look off though.

5 thoughts on “Stuff That Does Not Fit

  1. You can get a felt (or other material) inner ring to put inside your Masonic ring to make it fit without resizing it.

    Rock on with your bad self!!!

    1. MorePowerToYa,

      I tried that for a day however with my hands getting skuzzy at work and constantly washing them and putting latex gloves on all day it didnt quite last the full day. I have been researching other options like cutting it and having it welded however I think a new ring just might be the way to go. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it.

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