The Last 3 Days

Since Friday someone has had some completely rad-tastic rides.  Someone churned away at his pedals like a possessed man.  Someone broke his personal best on Friday, then broke that time on Saturday and then rounded out the trifecta this morning with yet another personal best.  Someone rode 50 miles each day and did so happily and loved every mile.  Someone is also a mere 20 pounds away from announcing to the world that he has lost 100 pounds.  Care to guess who that could be?  Why yes….yes it was me.  With no signs of lung-ular infection, no excess snottage, no excess lung butter to slow me down I thoroughly enjoyed each day this weekend.  I adjusted my route this weekend to add an ample amount of hills and climbs into them.  Day one was ugly and painful, day two was better and this morning I absolutely demolished every hill that had the misfortune of meeting me.  Poor hills, I nearly felt bad for them until I remembered what they had done to me the first two days.  Given the fact I live in one of the “flat” states I have to actually seek out hills and intentionally route toward them.  As an added bonus I enjoyed 3 straight days of riding in the daylight which was just plain odd.

 I was off for a rare 3 days in a row so I took advantage by riding when I wanted without the constant looming fear that I was going to be late for something.  I had to pick up a new cable at the bike shop the other day and one of the usually overly snotty and elitist employees actually took a minute to grace me with conversation.  I felt like I should thank him or something but I held back.  He asked how much weight I had lost so I told him.  He then suggested I should write my story and “send it to someone” I neglected to ask who I should send it to.

In other dietary news I think I am finally closing in on the proper balance of calories depending on how many miles I am putting in.  This I assume this has played a large hand in my rides over the last three days. 

My son, who is 6, and I have been slowly refurbishing my GT Pro Performer that has been hanging out in my workshop for…well…the better part of 20 years.  He has an absolute penchant for BMX and has showed a great deal of interest in racing BMX.  Luckily we have a really nice BMX track in our city, the very same one I raced on from the time I was 7 until I was about 15.  We are planning a trip to check it out and see what the regulations are to race as a beginner.  I know the Pro Performer will not work for him its just been fun to get it back on the road and show him how his old man can still rock out some sweet ass freestyle moves.  I am going to have to head over to my moms house and dig out some old race and big ramp pics for him to look at.  I will see if I can scan some and post them here.

 That is all for today, happy riding.

3 thoughts on “The Last 3 Days

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I get back to work tomorrow, but was shot down by the Dr with regard to working out for yet another week. I apparently need to finish my oral antibiotics, which will last until Friday. Can’t wait for next Saturday!

    BTW, did you happen to read “Heft on Wheels” by Mike Magnuson? Good story about a guy who dropped about as much as you have.

    Have a great week!


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