Glorious Nothingness

There is a common reaction when I tell people how far or for how long I ride nearly daily.  It’s a cross between the horrified mouth agape look when you see a grizzly piece of road kill on the side of the road and the eye shielding horror of seeing an 80 year old man naked.  Such time and distance is completely lost on people.  Then the questions start “Doesn’t your butt hurt” or “How much time does that take?”  I got a truly odd question from a friend when I was in Colorado….”What do you think about for so long” I had to actually think of what I think about.  I them responded “Absolutely nothing, glorious nothingness” que the shock and horror on his face. The truth is I don’t think about anything, I may consider some things like is my back brake rubbing again, or glance at the computer to see how I am doing on time but other than that I am blank (some would argue I am that way all the time but I say nay).  Later after a ride is finished I will log it into MapMyRide and I will sometimes have to strain to think where I actually rode that day, some sections of the road are not readily available in my memory. 

There has been a paradoxical effect that I have discovered by cycling and that is clarity and stress relief.  On the mornings I don’t go out and ride things throughout the day stress me out where on the mornings I do ride they have no effect.  Since I get up really early on the mornings I am on duty I find myself refreshed and ready for the day following a ride.  I think it’s slightly odd or at least I think it is it could be totally normal. 

In weight loss news….. I have nothing.  I have hit some kind of fiendishly evil plateau, I have not eluded to it here because I was hoping it would just be one of those week long jags and it would be over.  Alas, it has lasted for almost 3 weeks, no weight gain and no weight loss.  Trying not to get discouraged but seriously I want to get to the 100 pound mark; perhaps I want it a little too bad? 

Go here and donate…BikeCopVT has a  fundraiser where the winner takes an Armstrong and Fatty signed Livestrong jersey.  Don’t plan on winning it because that rascal has my name all over it…just donate because it’s a good cause. 

 Still nothing from “Jokely” which is how “that” sunglass company will now and forever be referred to by me.  I did however get a whole new slew of emails yesterday and none of them mentioned refunding my money or actually fixing my glasses.  It was just more of a tone of rubbing my face in the problem.  If I had hair I would have pulled it all out already.

4 thoughts on “Glorious Nothingness

  1. One of the reasons I enjoy cycling so much is that absolutely no thought is required. I can just zone out and reduce my brain activity to the bare minimum required: balance, observing road rules, avoiding hazards. With the aid of my trusty iPod, I listen to familiar tunes, which also has the effect of helping me zone out. The zone-out is magnified if I’m riding a very familiar route. I don’t even have to think about where I’m going. I just GO.

    On the days I don’t ride, I experience a certain angst.. a feeling that something’s not quite right. On the days I do ride, I feel like I’m on top of the world. When I’m not on the bike, I’m thinking about riding. It’s an addiction, I tell you!!!

  2. Once I’m on the bike I feel great, however getting ready to go out, for me at least, is a pain in the butt. Get the bike down, check the tires, change clothes, walk the dog before I leave, water bottles, helmet, gloves Garmin..etc. Sometimes it almost makes me not want to go out. Then I do, and all that work (which wasn’t really work at all) was worthwhile!

  3. Chef, I hear you. The trick is to leave as much of this stuff already done before you get to the ride. Make sure your bike is ready to ride the night before. Put the water bottles in the fridge. Leave all the stuff out.

    Then all you have to do is change, get on the bike and ride.

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