“Heft on Wheels”

Last week Chef Joe recommended the book by Mike Magnuson called “Heft on Wheels.”  With the impending flight to Colorado coming up and since reading on a plane takes my mind off of the person stealing my armrest and the fact that airplane seats are not made for a 6’1 male I ran out to Borders and grabbed the last copy they had.  Despite the fact there is a naked fat guy riding a Trek on the cover (which the author explains in the book) I freaking loved this book and owe Chef a huge high five for pointing me in the direction of this literary offering.   From the gate in Detroit to the gate in Colorado Springs I read the entire thing which left nothing for the flight home but that’s a whole different story.  I couldn’t help feeling a almost kinship with Mr. Magnuson as we both used cycling as a way to take up the reins of our health.  If you have not read it go out and get it….NOW!


5 thoughts on ““Heft on Wheels”

  1. Like you, I have loved bikes through out my life and have found myself at a “heavy” point in my life. Long story short I saw this post and checked out his blog. I live in the Dale as we call it and realized I rode with this guy on one of my “shed some fat” rides. I rode by him and he caught up to my fat a$$ and was very supportive.

    Good on ya mate! Fight the good fight!

    Like you, I am fighting the weight and you inspire me to keep at it!

  2. Try requesting the book from the library – mine had it on the shelf. Also a Michigander….maybe I’ll see you on those back country roads!

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