Specialized Tri-Cross

Loyal readers of 100 Pounds Ago….I offer my most sincere apologies.  I fully intended on putting up a full report on the new machine last night however I was sidetracked and didn’t.  Part of my responsibilities and my position at the fire department is overseeing and coordinating the on duty training for the entire department, I accomplish this by having a staff of Instructors who teach what I outline.  Yesterday I got a last minute cancellation and had to fill in for a class all evening.  That left you in the dark about what new machine has taken residence at my house. 

Tuesday I made the jump, I talked to quite a few experienced cyclists, took some advice from your comments and made my decision to purchase the cross bike….and holy sweet Mary am I ever glad I did.  Check out the pic below, do the tires look a little worn?  Do the tires look as if in the span of the two days I have owned this bike that perhaps 110 miles have been put on them?  Well they should, because that’s precisely what I have done.

Specialized Tri-Cross….how I love you so.  I was fitted for a 58…anybody want to guess what size the Giant OCR was?  It was a 54 so you can see how and why I was so uncomfortable on it.  This thing handles like its riding on rails, cornering….dreamy.  Climbs….I think there is actually an engine in the bottom bracket no one told me about.  Speed…unholy.  Bumps….what bumps?  In my honest opinion this things handles bumps and holes better than the Rock Shox did.  Yesterday I was on a back road on the return loop home when I diverted and hit 6 solid miles of a local Mountain Bike course…why you ask?  BECAUSE I FREAKING CAN! 

Usually my morning ride is 40-45 miles, yesterday at the 45 mile mark my legs actually refused to stop churning and demanded that I stretch the ride to 55 miles.  I obliged and did so feeling great the entire time.  Better fitting, better riding, better all around. 

Give me a day or so I plan on putting up an entire post on Jeff, the rad dude who sold me this slice of heaven.  


9 thoughts on “Specialized Tri-Cross

  1. Totally awesome! Good on’ya, mate! Riding a well built, properly fitted bike make the whole world a happier place. Congratulations and may you have many thousands of miles of joy.

  2. That’s sweet. Nice to see how your hard work/training has paid off and now a properly fit bike has you flying all over the road and trails. Happy riding!

  3. BRAVO! That is a very, very nice ride. And you were riding a frame 4cm too small? Holy moly. No wonder you feel like a new man.

    Ok, now post more about the bike. The components. The wheels, the clinchers…

    Soon we will see you pics of you in lycra with shaved legs!

    And don’t ever, ever use the lame work excuse to keep valuable bicycle related information from us!


    In any event, congratulations. For us perverted cyclists, there is no other feeling that approaches that of riding your new rig.

  4. That’s just awesome mate, congrats on the new bike!!! I’ll bet you feel like a new man riding something that’s actually the right size.

    And I’m with Pete on this one.. getting a new bike means falling mysteriously ill and having to take time off work!

  5. Nothing like the feel of a first ride on a new bike! I remember the first day out on my Scott. Never thought a guy my size could ride carbon, but it was just incredible.

    Better news is…it only gets better. Enjoy Gene.

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