Everyone….Jeff, Jeff….Everyone


Everybody meet Jeff! (yes I asked Jeff if I could use his picture) Jeff is the guy responsible for selling me the Specialized Bike that I have been riding like a fool since the day I got it.  Doesn’t Jeff look like a rad dude?   Jeff not only works at a shop called Kinetic Systems he also owns it.  He opened it over 30 years ago in a little town called Clarkston, Michigan.  I will impart a little knowledge upon you…I have to literally drive past 1 other bike shop to get to Kinetic Systems, do I feel guilty about that….most certainly not!  You see there is a vibe that you get when you walk in there a certain quaint home like feeling.  I have never had a bad experience in this shop.  The same cannot be said for the other 6 or so shops in the area where snotty attitudes are the order of the day.    The day I rolled the new machine to my car I left with not only a bike but standing invitations to:

1) After Shop hours musical jam sessions where bagpipes are more than welcome
2) Club rides
3) After Shop hours trainer workouts
4) Tai Chi classes
5) Cyclocross Workshops

 Check out the other cool stuff that happens there or by people who work there:
Bicycles for Humanity
Andrea Tucker Photography (MTB and Cyclocross photographer extraordinaire)
The Flying Rhino Cycling Club

4 thoughts on “Everyone….Jeff, Jeff….Everyone

  1. Jeff sounds like Da Man. Non-snotty bike shops are so few and far between. To go to River City Cycles, I drive past the LBS (which is literally a 100m walk from me – I don’t use them anymore because they incorrectly fitted a brake pad to my bike which makes me distrust them overall), and at least a dozen other LBS’ on the way to the other side of town. The guys at River City have never disrespected me. Not once. That makes me recommend them to anyone who’s in the market for a new bike. 🙂

  2. Dude, I am insanely jealous. Cool new bike and a rockin’ bike shop? Life is good. I may need to move to Michigan.

    Sounds like Jeff has a good shop. I’m with you guys, I’ll go way out of my way (and even pay more) to get primo service. It’s entirely too easy to lose customers through poor service (You listening here Oakley?) and once gone they’ll never return. Instead he’s made a friend for life who occasionally gives him money.

    Now that’s a business plan.

  3. I love it when you have a bike shop that looks out for the customer. I also like the cycling club name. hmmm maybe i will be a long distance member. Utah is a long way from Michigan.

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