Oakley Update

If you really knew me and I am not talking about knowing me by reading this site you would know I am a pretty nice guy….until I am not a nice guy.  When do I become a not so nice guy you ask?  Depends, but the transition from nice to not so nice takes about 3 nano-seconds.  Now the physical changes that happen when I turn into not so nice guy are negligible the psychological and behavior changes is what will typically get me into trouble.  Let’s say for instance you have a pair of glasses that are broken and lets assume for just a moment that you have been trying in vain to get the aforementioned glasses repaired only to stumble across a few roadblocks.  Then let’s assume that some innocent person happens upon the scene of this giant CHiPs like car wreck of a debacle and tries to cool you down.  What does not so nice Gene do to that person?  Well, not so nice Gene is…um…not so nice.  I rant and rave and complain and then use a quasi-popular internet blog to rag him even more.  Ok quasi popular is stretching it….whatever lets not mince words here.

Somehow this guy whose name is Shaun sees through the madness and arranges for me to get a whole new pair of glasses.  It didn’t stop there, that honestly would have been enough but he went further.  He e-mailed me and said this:” I have actually been keeping up on your blog and I am sorry to hear of your recent loss.  I wish you the best and understand how hard of a time this can be.  Please accept my sincere condolences and best wishes in this hard time.”

Now you need to understand something, when I told Shaun about my blog it was in the context of absolute anger and trying to bite back at him and Oakley.  Would I have followed my blog if I were him, certainly not! 

So I e-mail him back and tell him I have the glasses and I appreciate them and he drops this one on me:  “…..keep riding and I will keep reading the blog.  Have a good one man.”

 Shaun, I am a Vegan but I will take my crow medium well please.

6 thoughts on “Oakley Update

  1. Nice job Shaun. I hated boycotting Oakley. I did it but I hated it. Now I can love my Oakleys again and tell people they’ve got a stand up guy there.
    Thanks for helping Gene out. We’re blog/public safety brothers but brothers none the less. What is done to one is done to all.
    I will remember and pass the word. That really IS a great business plan.

  2. Glad to hear you received your glasses. Instead of jumping on the “Isn’t (J)Oakley great !” bandwagon. Let’s remember you did get jerked around pretty good. I prefer to start a movement to make Shaun V.P. of Customer Service for Oakley.

    P.S. Sorry Shaun about recommending Rudy Project a few weeks ago.

    1. DC,

      I am not in any way jumping upon the Oakley bandwagon. They as a company did let me down, jerked me around, and wasted hours of my time. I was referring to Shaun and Shaun only. He came into this mess really late and caught the full brunt of my displeasure. He did pull strings in order to get me replacement glasses, it’s a shame he had to pull stings in my opinion but he did and now I have a new set of specs. Will I buy Oakley products again? Most likely no. If Oakley took their direction from people like Shaun I would consider it but Shaun appears to be the exception at Oakley and not the rule.


  3. Hey everyone,

    It’s Shaun here. I’m just glad that i could help out in the end. I have been working at the O for almost 5 years now and believe me when i tell you that this machine can chew up customers and spit them out w/o much afterthought on ocassion. That being said i’m just happy i could help out and get you what you needed in the end.

    Take it easy and keep it up. =)

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