AM -vs- PM….The Steel Cage Match

So after nearly 3 weeks of rides that bordered on an absolute abomination I finally had a good one.  What changed you ask?  I don’t really know I can’t put my finger on it except one small detail…the time of day I rode.  For the last three weeks I have tried to stave off frostbite by riding in the afternoon when the air temps reach a respectable Michigan autumn day level.  Well, there is the fact I don’t want my nose and fingers to fall off and the fact that is the only time I could ride given my work schedule and the growing list of meetings and appointments with Veterans Affairs, General Motors etc still trying to wrangle in my dads “stuff”.  Yesterday was different, I had the opportunity to enjoy mild temperatures and the fact I didn’t need to be anywhere first thing in the morning so I went back to my old routine of getting up at 5am and hitting the road by 5:15.  I noticed it right away, those gears I have not used in 3 weeks, the fast pace, the steady heart rate…weird.  Climbs came and went…. no issue.  Even the demonic hell bound train of a sprint I have to do across a certain bridge just so I don’t become an overweight hood ornament on some “texting while driving” driver’s car…my legs never burned.  Does it really make that big of a difference when I ride?  I didn’t think so before, but now I am left un-convinced.  What about you guys have you ever noticed a change in performance depending on when you rode?  Tell a fat guy your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “AM -vs- PM….The Steel Cage Match

  1. I always feel better if I get up, and get out for a ride. After a day of work, I’m generally not too motivated (although that’s been the schedule this week.) Ideally, if I’m teaching a night class I get up, eat, walk the dog, then get out for an hour or so. Saturday is the group ride day; 2+ hours, and Sunday is a crap shoot, maybe group, maybe alone, maybe day off depending on the honey-do list. But, I generally prefer riding early.

    One odd thing about me, the hotter, the better! I’m perfectly ok riding midday with temps in the 90’s and sunny. I guess the humidity liquifies some of the bodyfat I carry so I can burn it more easily. Kind of the way good olive oil solidifies in the refrigerator, I tend to slow down (not that I was ever fast) as the weather turns cooler.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you had a nice ride 😀

    I find if I don’t get out there first thing, I lose all motivation to ride. This is despite knowing I’d love the ride, no matter what time of day. As for performance.. well… I suck no matter what. Don’t believe what that famous YouTube says, it’s not all about performance 🙂

  3. I think I’m going to be the weird one here. I prefer to ride in the afternoon, after work. It calms me and lets me sweat away the stresses of the day. All I can think of in the morning is going back to sleep.

  4. Mornings are it for me if I’m going out with a workout in mind. Can’t think of a better way to start your day than to get your heart pumping and blood flowing!

    Glad you got back in the groove.

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