My Heart And Brain Are In Austin

My body is in Michigan but my heart and mind are in Austin.  Not for the reason you think, I am well aware that the Austin Livestrong Challenge just happened.  That was the furthest thing from my mind I got the word just before the start of the weekend that a lifelong friend (who lives in Austin) sadly lost his 1 month old baby.  Just when I thought my heart could not hurt anymore this month.  I now know what it feels like to have your heart dug out of your chest with a shovel.  I was in a funk all weekend and was just barely functioning.  Last night I decided to go out for a ride after my wife mentioned I may feel better after.  The ride was just so-so giving yet another argument to the fact I can’t ride when the sun is out.

I think I have mentioned it here before, how I live within riding distance to one of Michigan’s highest rated Mountain Biking trails.  It’s around 12 miles long and as far as the board flat state of Michigan goes it actually has a few hills.   Its about 5 miles away from me, and one of the roads I have on one of my routes passes the start of the trail.  On certain days I feel saucy and by saucy I mean I dive off of the road and hit the trail.  Now since I ride at odd hours I am usually about 25 miles into my ride when it is actually bright enough to ride the trail safely.  Yesterday, I felt saucy and hit the trail hell bent on setting fire to the course with massive speed and veracity.  I think in all of the times I have rode this trail I have seen one person, and that person was walking on the trail not riding.  I was about 6 miles into it when I saw ahead of me another rider and I was gaining fast.  I caught up and passed (no I didn’t wave) and kept pedaling hard.  I heard him yell “Hey Mitchell…watch out….there is some psycho on a road bike about to ride up your ass!”  After a turn I passed Mitchell as well and kept on getting it.  I am pretty sure I am not supposed to be using a Cyclo-Cross bike on hardcore Mountain Bike Trails.  Oh well.

4 thoughts on “My Heart And Brain Are In Austin

    1. Maxxx,
      True thats what the “Cross” means however I dont think you are supposed to use a cross bike on a technical MTB trail? It is fun though being about 10 pounds lighter than a MTB and you can turn it on a dime.

  1. Sorry to hear about your friends loss. One of my colleague’s lost her mother this weekend. Guess these things really do come in three’s.

    Chuckled at the thought of the knobby-tire guys getting smoked.
    No go back, find them and wave!

    1. Chef,
      I think I will go back and tell them I smoked them when I had swine Flu. That ought to chap thier butts really good.

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