House Arrest

Just when I think this month could not get any worse….I end up at the doctors office.  My daughter has been coughing and hacking for a couple of days, nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year really.  I have also been coughing and hacking, I attributed mine to riding in 30 degree severely rainy weather.  Yesterday I bugged out of the office early trying to capture the last remaining days of moderate temperatures.  While riding I noticed I was unusually short of breath on a few sections…I blew it off.  I also noticed that my back hurt, not my lower back, not my upper back but across the entire middle of my back.  Knowing what I know about human anatomy I know this particular section of my back is where the lower lobes of my lungs reside.  It got downright painful check that it became unbearable to the point I cut the ride short.  I head back home, stand a few minutes outside stretching my back out and I feel like all is good and balanced in the universe again….so I blow it off.  I shower and the hot water and steam in the bathroom cause me a coughing fit so severe I actually see stars…I blow it off.  I get dressed and sit on the couch reading my mail when I get a text message from my wife telling me she is taking the daughter to the doctor that she is a mess of sickness. 

A short while later wife walks in the door with a large bag of medications from the pharmacy…the diagnosis….H1N1 aka Swine Flu.  This has been verified by lab testing as the real deal.  This I do not blow off.  My wife tells me I need to get my posterior in the doctor ASAP.  I oblige and as soon as I tell the receptionist that my kid was just confirmed to have Swine Flu and run down my symptoms I am rushed past the waiting room into an exam room.  The take vitals, they listen to my lungs they swab my nose to run the test.  30 minutes later I become a statistic in a Pandemic when I am diagnosed with H1N1 as well, as an added bonus I also have Pneumonia which when left untreated is what H1N1 apparently turns in to.  This would explain my back hurting and the coughing.  I am now sitting at home with a bag full of prescriptions with a direct physician order not to ride my bike or go out in the general public for at least 4 days.  I am absolutely no good at being cooped up in the house for days on end.  The fact that I have been riding while I had the Swine Flu either makes me incredibly awesome or incredibly stupid….don’t respond to that.

10 thoughts on “House Arrest

  1. As the vast majority of H1N1 occurs in the very young, that tells me you have the body and fitness of a young teen!

    Hope your daughter is going to be alright.

    Sent you an e-mail-Thanks for writing-unless it was just to tell me how lame I am….


    1. Dave
      I am in a risk group unlike most, my job requires me to deal with sick people almost daily and not in a sterile office setting I deal with them in thier houses. I figured it was just a matter of time before I got it. In reality its not any worse than any other cold or flu I have had.

  2. I know it is hard to stay cooped up at home, especially with a job as important as yours. Just remember that you’re doing the responsible thing by not spreading it.

    Take care.

  3. Bloody hell mate, you’re in the wars at the moment, aren’t you? Heal quick. Have some chicken soup. Fantasise about the world’s awesomest bike ride you’ll have once your body’s up to it.

    And the fact that you went riding with piggie flu tells me that you could give us all a lesson on HTFU. 🙂

      1. HTFU means Harden The Fuck Up! So you giving us a lesson on HTFU means you are one bad-ass guy, and we should all be in awe of you 🙂

  4. Initial read of the data indicates awesome vice stupid.
    Failuyre to take care of your family and yourself might change the data and swing towards the other side of the pendulum so take care …

    1. Svend,
      I am adhereing to the Docs orders and have been a lump on the couch with my sick kids all day. I have also been obsessivly checking temps and fluid intakes.

  5. Feel better soon, man. Best to that family. Sorry you’re out of it for a while. Different (well chronicled reason) but I know how you feel.

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