Random Type Stuff

This day of random thoughts and updates brought to you by sleep deprivation:
*I will not be around again until Tuesday; I am flying to Florida early tomorrow morning to help my in-laws pack up their house for their move back to Michigan. I will arrive late Friday morning pack up the moving truck then leave Friday night for the 2 day drive back to Michigan. Should be a whole barrel full of fun (I say in a highly sarcastic tone).
*The Tuesday night race at Indian Springs was fun and complete torture at the same time. We rode the 6 miles out to the loop and then did 10 laps race style. The series was tied at 5 laps a piece and the last lap was done in near complete darkness, the 6 mile ride back to the parking lot was done in complete darkness which is just plain creepy to ride through a dark wooded path in the middle of no where on an overcast night. I fully expected a chainsaw wielding psycho to jump out at any time. Two of the laps we did head to head the other 8 we did the whole clockwise counter clockwise thing. Never have my legs burned so badly.
*I did something totally dumb yesterday….It was Veterans day and as usual like I have done for about 20 years I grabbed my cell phone hit speed dial #4 in order to tell my Dad “Thanks, and Happy Veterans Day”….it was only when the recorded message saying the number is no longer in service did I realize that I would ever utter those words to him again. I was in a foul mood for the rest of the day and work only made it worse.
*MO-Vember….this stalled as quickly as it started. I was 8 days into the “stache” when I was forced to shave it off. I had to go to a FEMA Haz-Mat Weapons of Mass Destruction upgrade training to maintain my FEMA USAR classification. Seems some desk jockey saw to need to also upgrade (or downgrade in my opinion) our chemical masks which meant we had to be “Fit-Tested” for our new ones. Fit testing is a arduous process where you have to do a series of activities whilst wearing the mask and a computer measures the interior pressure and tells the desk jockey if you pass or not. I was ordered to shave in order to “fully guarantee successful and proper fitting of the mask”….I call Bull S*&t on the entire process. So here I sit with no facial hair on my face.

That is all for now.

3 thoughts on “Random Type Stuff

  1. The two most important details have been left out:

    Do you like your in-laws?

    How close do they live to you?

    Either way it sounds like Friday is going to suck

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