Vegan Thanksgiving, New Shoes, and A Cold Weather Riding Theme Song

Sheesh I have not posted since before Thanksgiving….admittedly I am a slacker.  Thanksgiving was fine, despite the temptations of a full dessert table and all of the fixings and trappings that come with such a feast I stood fast and did not cave.  I probably would have however my Sister-in-Law and Brother made some special dishes just for me.  After much cajoling telling them not to go through the trouble of preparing ME anything special…well they ignored my pleas.  They conjured up a vegan dish that was so good it nearly melted my face clean off of my skull.  Surprisingly (not really) no one else in the family even came close to eating any portion of this dish leaving me with all of the leftovers….that my friends is how you turn a frown upside-down.  I started off the day with a ride, taking advantage of the non existent holiday traffic patterns; essentially I had the road all to myself.  24 miles in sweet solitary and 24 miles of absolute pain.  It was about 30 degrees and I am still severely under prepared for cold weather riding.  My toes and feet were absolutely numb when I got home.  My fingers felt like they were frozen in place wrapped around the handlebars and my throat felt like someone glanced across it with an oxy-acetylene torch. 

With that being said I laid out a battle plan for this cold weather riding business the plan consisted of buying a lot of gear for just such instances.  So into the shop I trot eyes glazed over with anticipation of newly purchased swag, warm swag, comfy swag…you get the point.  It took exactly 54.2 seconds to dash my dreams into the rocks, for this is how long it took me to put on a riding jacket in the largest size they had only to find out it still does not fit.  Now, nothing can take the wind out of the sails of your weight loss ship like that of a item of clothing not fitting, compound that fact by the fact you don’t fit into the largest size carried in the store and you get just downright depressed.  If that is not depressing enough go to the website of your favorite brand of bikes, clothing and equipment only to find out they don’t make a bigger size…and you straight up feel like Jabba the Hut.  Come on now guys if XL is the largest you make I feel you can do better especially if your XL is like a medium….you know who you are.

There was a silver lining to this tempest though.  I am Irish and what is the first thing you think when you think “Irish”?  No not that thing…..nope guess again…..come on….fine I will tell you what you should be thinking “LUCK”  you know like “Luck of the Irish.”  The only issue is I am the un-luckiest Irishman you will ever meet in your life.  If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all.  On with the story, I ask for some cold weather shoes….they have one pair.  Not one style they literally have one single pair in the store.  I think to myself “Yeah probably in some elfish like size….damn my luck” he brings them to me…size 46….anyone want to guess what size I wear?  I WEAR A FREAKING 46!  I snatch them out of the box and strap them upon my feet…..perfection.  Are they warm I ask…..I am assured that they are indeed warm.  Welcome to the bonus round of this story, they are also on sale, not regular sale, not insane sale, they are on ridiculous sale.  I slap my money on the counter and scamper home. 

I can’t wait to get them on and ride so I make haste, they are warm and they are crazy comfortable.  This is the third pair of riding shoes I now own and by far the most comfortable…love them.

15 thoughts on “Vegan Thanksgiving, New Shoes, and A Cold Weather Riding Theme Song

  1. Excellent. Welcome back after your food filled holiday weekend!

    And good on you for picking up those shoes. I ride Sidis (fortunately no need for the winter version here) and absolutely love ’em.

    1. Come spring I will be picking up a pair for road riding. I like the shoes I have now for the road but the new Sidi’s are crazy comfy and seem to fit my feet better than the ones I have now.

  2. I fell off of the Vegan path like a ton of bricks. A day or two of leftovers remain and after seeking absolution for my transgressions in the produce aisle will cease to be a lapsed Vegan and re-attack.

  3. Man, I’m jealous of those boots. I’m still making do with my normal shoes, and up to two pairs of booties, but I’m dreaming of the day when I can justify the purchase of a nice pair of winter boots. Unfortunately, it’s probably not in the cards for this winter.

    Good find!

    1. The regular price of these things was wayyyy out of my price range I dont know why they where discounted so much and right now I dont care. I know they are warm and comfy.

  4. I feel your pain RE cycling clothing sizes. When I first started on the weight loss plan, I had to buy XXXL mens sizes. There was only one place in town that carried them, so I had to pay a huge premium too. So not only did I feel fat, I ended up poor as well.

    The thing that shits me about it is that cycling clothing manufacturers would make an absolute killing if they catered to plus-size people a little better. It would encourage people to take up the sport and stick with it. Not all of us are built like whippets to start with.

    Also, a shout out to clothing manufacturers: A size 18-20 woman does not a XXXL make. Pull your heads out of your arses and make your sizes realistic please!

    Now that my rant is done.. how nice of your relatives to make a vegan meal for you! They could just as easily have left you to your own devices. But they didn’t. And it sounds like it was a very nice meal at that. Bravo to the rellos!

    Congrats on the new shoes too. 🙂

    1. I dunno Maxxx, I am looking into different clothing options now and I hate ordering anything online unless I can try it on first. Thankfully I didnt order the jacket online in an xl only to find out it was far too small. Oddly I wear a mens large shirt in everyday life.

  5. Nothing I like better than a bargain, good for you!

    I had the same thing happen with a pair of dirt bike pants.

    After Christmas, I went to exchange a pair of 38’s for 40’s.
    ” They don’t make them in a larger size” An innocent statement except for the smirky superior tone and look on his face. Prick.

  6. Hey I just got the Hincapie Kevlar Jacket from Bonktown for $60. The 3*Lg fit me well. 6’2″ 235. I know you are lighter than this at this date, but I thought I would give a heads up. Great quality and plenty warm.

      1. Check out Backcountry will put up their cycling gear at great prices for short periods of time.

  7. I’m still dealing with the undersized cycling clothing too. It is unbelievably depressing, as you’ve pointed out. Love the new kicks, wish I had a pair.

    I got 30 in with the group on T-Day. That was the best start to the day I could have had.

    Happy holidays Gene.

    1. Its terribly depressing, I felt like I did when I weighed 300 pounds and couldnt find anything to wear. I also find it weird that in the same brand of clothing I wear Large Shorts which is not the largest size but cant get my upper body into a XL?

      Nice a 30 on Turkey day. I am doing a 25 on New Years Day with about 500 of my closest friends.

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