$1.00 Ipod Upgrade or Some Guys Will Do Anything To Stay Off Of A Trainer

I know this post is a day or two late but I wanted to back up my Ipod Freeze-Proof Upgrade with good solid field testing. Two days of riding, day one was 30 degrees day two was 26 degrees. Day one ride was 1 hour 24 minutes, day two ride was 1 hour 34 minutes. Here is the step by step tutorial with bonus pictures.

Step 1: Go to your local Army Surplus store walk past the creepy man behind the counter that is chain smoking while eating two foot long Subway subs and drinking what looks to be a gallon of cola. Find the cheap chemical handwarmers (the kind you shake and they heat up) buy a few of them (I paid $1.00 each.) Take them to the creepy guy and wait patiently while he finishes his bite and licks his fingers (apparently Subway ran out of napkins) Ignore the mayo on his chin and the mustard on his use-to-be-white-but-now-its-tan-cause-he-has-less-than-stellar-hygene-habits Tshirt. Pay, walk to your car, use excessive amount of hand sanitizer to clean your hands, and drive home.

Step 2: You will need the following items: 2 rubber bands, 1 handwarmer, 1 Ipod

Step 3:  Chose your playlist or your album, set volume to your liking and press play.

Step 4:  Lock the controls on your Ipod

Step 5:  Place handwarmer on the face of your Ipod and affix the hand warmer to your Ipod with the two rubberbands (referenced in Step 2)

Step 6:  ROCK OUT!

6 thoughts on “$1.00 Ipod Upgrade or Some Guys Will Do Anything To Stay Off Of A Trainer

    1. Not really sure I usually toss them after my ride? I will hold on to one and see just how long they last when I ride in the morning.

  1. Brother, that is Genius. ‘Course I live in a warm state. Not bragging, just saying. Ok, maybe rubbing it in just a little bit.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Gene as well as everyone here.

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