First Snow Ride

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Daily Weirdness

I am pretty sure that the person or persons that decided to add Gortex to Sidi shoes should indeed win some form of International award…perhaps in the Nobel category. Furthermore, I am sure that if ever given the opportunity I will indeed kiss (with tounge) that person or people who brought together such a wicked awesome combination of Sidi and Gortex.

The other day on Facebook I threw out the quote “Its December, in Michigan, there is snow….get over it.” In response to all of the epic whining going on about the snow. Because it’s pretty much a guarantee that the snow will fly here in the Mitten state. Last week it did which led me to the belief that I would be relegated to trainer rides until at least March. Me being me, which is to say Me having a few screws loose in the brain matter that sits atop my neck I decide to go ride anyway, because lets just face the facts I have pretty much ridden in worse. I layer up and hit the road, cold…no big deal, wind…who cares, snow….I spit at you snow! Here in the Mitten we have some killer road crews that can clear a road while most people are still watching Good Morning America and slugging down quadruple espressos. I found side of the road actually quite hospitable, albeit a tad wet and perhaps a tad muddy. It’s all in the equipment I say, the warm shoes, the insulated tights, the warm gloves, the bike that can plow through snow drifts when you want it to, all of it lent to a good ride in otherwise miserable conditions. I will be working on adding a gas heater to my garage though because it is simply just not fun to strip down to your riding shorts in a 20 degree garage so you don’t track mud and slush into the house.

  1. eric says:

    Ok. Now I have a mental image of you standing in a garage in nothing but your riding shorts in my head.
    Eye bleach. Where is my eye bleach!?
    BTW. I just noticed you have Flogging Molly in your cycling tunes. I knew you were a man of good taste.

    • 100poundsago says:

      Eye bleach…..I am DEAD SEXAY!

      When I lived in NC I went to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones show at the Brewery in Raleigh…which is a club about as big as my bathroom….anyway…Flogging Molly was the opening act. That was in the spring of 2000, they pretty much destroyed the place, been a fan ever since. You would think that since the fiddle player lives in the Detroit burbs we would see them here a little more often than the twice a year we get but nay. They always seem to pop in on their Green 17 tour which is always cool.

  2. Dough says:

    Tested my new cold weather gear this weekend. Did two hours or so in the mid 30’s and was toasty. Wish I had those boots though(a little froze toes did occur). The jacket I recommended to you performed very well. Just my 2 cents.

  3. ChefJT says:

    Gene, you’re inspiring the world. While I didn’t get winter shoes, I did buy neoprene booties (which should be fine for the relatively mild Jersey Shore winters) and picked up my first “base layer” today. Been riding sporadically , but still getting to the gym for a little cardio. As a matter of fact, I snuck in a half-hour tonight on my way home from work.

    I’m toying with the idea of picking up a mountain bike too. The group I ride with on Saturdays hits the singletrack on Sundays in the winter months. I borrowed one from a guy with WAY TOO MUCH MONEY TO SPEND ON BIKES and had a great time. 10 miles in the woods was like 30 on the road.

    Dough…..what was the jacket you recommended? I’m in the market.

  4. ChefJT says:

    Weird…I just posted at 12:02am and the post says 5:02am. Are you on GMT???

  5. You are the man. Oh, BTW, I have to find a link to Mr. Sidi… yup, Mister. I want photo evidence of the kiss…

  6. This is just epic Thanks for making this available.

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