One Step Closer To Complete Techno-Dorkitude

I am not what some would call a “Techno-geek” you know the guy that has every possible electronic whizbang and doodad.  I am only moderately reliant on technology and whizbangs, furthermore, those electronic whatchamacallits are an absolute necessity like my two cell phones, my PDA, Ipod, laptop and the Kindle I just know I am going to get….but I digress.  I don’t really feel the need to have the latest and greatest electronic device or (God forbid) Bluetooth earpiece.  However what do I say about technology I didn’t know I needed until I got it and then realized in a flash of an on button that I don’t know how I functioned without it?  My answer my loyal 3 readers is “It Freaking Rocks!”

Now I have a friend, yes I have one friend, and this one friend and I have been more or less inseparable for the better part of 15 years…well if you take into account he spent two of those years in Iraq…you get the point.  Now he and I both have wives and kids and we both work the exact same job only in different cities and we have a great deal of fun (and a little trouble) hanging out and such.  Every year about this time both of our families meet for a little Christmas dinner at a restaurant, we don’t buy gifts for anyone as we have agreed not to a great many years ago and the tradition stuck.  For us it’s just dinner and hanging out and annoying the ever living hell out of the other patrons of the eating establishment we choose.  This year someone broke the long standing rule of the “no gifts” part of this equation.  I was presented with a box when we sat down, a wrapped box, a wrapped box that contained a gift….that no one was supposed to buy.  I sheepishly open it and find a Garmin 205….which more or less leaves me completely speechless….for a few minutes….to the point of being awkward.  I finally push out a thank you knowing that refusal of this gift will get me absolutely nowhere.  This was Sunday night, fast-forward to Monday.  Monday I had no intention of riding but the siren song of this new high tech item was too strong so I mounted the Garmin on the bike and hit the road.  Upon my return and upon thawing out from the ride I downloaded all of the data onto my computer then stared entranced at the screen at all of the wonderful data this baby produces, wherein I sent the following text to my friend “The only thing on my bike more awesome than me is the Garmin.”

6 thoughts on “One Step Closer To Complete Techno-Dorkitude

  1. I’ve got a Garmin as well. They are pretty awesome! Eventually you get to the point where you have ride and their characteristics memorized. For example, regardless of which direction I go, I know when we’ve reached the highest point in the ride, and I can truly say “It’s downhill from here!”.

    Enjoy it!

    1. This is true I know know the altitude of that monster hill on my regular route….on the other hand it makes what I thought were smaller climbs more menacing when I know they are at the exact same elevation as the big hill only not as steep of a grade. Wierd mind tricks, I also think this thing is out to kill me by adjusting my times to make me appear to be faster the day before, because when I try to beat yesterdays time I feel like I am going to die.

  2. Ooooohhhhhh. I want a Garmin. I need a Garmin.

    But my wife read the post from over my shoulder and just told me that Santa is NOT bringing me a Garmin.

    I am holding out for the good witch on epiphany (Italian gift-giving tradition, but I digress) but something tells me it will be a lean cycling electronics year…

    Please post pics. And upload data files. At least I can live vicariously through your techno-dorkitude…

    1. I didnt know I needed one until I got one….love it. I hope the good witch brings you some form of electronic splendor.

  3. Dude, you have just scratched the surface. Now go to or Garmin connect and upload your rides to their server, tracks your distance, speed, yada yada yada, into what is basically an online training log.

    I just found a site called Strava on Facebook. Here for $59 bucks ($29 till December 31) you can compare yourself to riders around the world, based on stuff like miles ridden, feet climbed, average speed, etc. I haven’t decided if I’m signing up yet, but the thing looks very cool.

    BTW, I haven’t told anyone yet but I have a new addition in the house. Just picked up a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo. Aluminum hardtail mountain bike. Can I come bunk in Michigan when the wife throws me out?

    1. Logging into Garmin Connect was the first thing I did after I rode with it the first time. Lots of interesting and helpful data and tables. I had a feeling you were going to be getting a MTB soon, does this mean you will be joining your weekend crew for some offroad rides now? GOOD FOR YOU!

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