Let The Beatings Continue

My very first post on this site was called “Let The Beatings Begin” where I posted a picture of myself and made public to the world my embarrassing personal data.  Yesterday, I got the results from my latest blood tests which I will make public later in this post.  To know me is to understand I am a vicious competitor; I have expectations of myself that no single human on the planet would ever have for me, and sometimes they are even unrealistic.  With that being said I tend to lose sight of what I have or can accomplish because I have yet to reach a goal.  This is where I am at right now I am seemingly indifferent to the fact that I have now lost 90 pounds because all I really want to do is get to the 100 pound mark.  While losing 90 pounds is quite an achievement to me its not good enough.  Try as I may to remind myself of this it just does not stick.  I will however acquiesce to the fact I have accomplished some really good stuff as far as internal health.  My results came in a non descript envelope and scrawled all over the lab data was hand written notes from the good Doc…words like “Perfect, Exactly where you should be, Awesome, Un-believable, and Unreal”   Here is the old data from earlier this year:

Here is the Ugly Truth:
Weight:  300
Height: 6’1
Resting Heart Rate: 90+
Resting SpO2: 96% (this is the Oxygen level in your capillary beds)
Blood Pressure whilst medicated: 156/110
Blood Pressure when un-medicated: 240/150
Cholesterol level:  320+
Pant Size:  44
Shirt Size: xxl and in some cases xxxl (more often times than not it’s a xxxl)
Cigarettes smoked per day:  40+

 Here is the Update as of 12-15-2009
Weight:  210
Height: 6’1
Resting Heart Rate: 64
Resting SpO2: 99% (this is the Oxygen level in your capillary beds)
Blood Pressure whilst medicated: N/A I don’t take this crap anymore!
Blood Pressure when un-medicated: 118/62
Cholesterol level:  157!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pant Size:  34
Shirt Size: Large
Cigarettes smoked per day:  0, zilch, nada, none!

Have a good Christmas folks (or whatever Holiday you choose to celebrate)

8 thoughts on “Let The Beatings Continue

  1. Awesome!!! I think your doctor’s comments hit it right on the head. Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful healthy new year!

  2. Mate, there is no other way of saying it: you are a bloody champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those are some wonderful results, mate, and it’s come from bloody hard work and determination. What a fantastic outcome! Congratulations.

  3. Congrats. That’s the kind of present I want to give to myself for next Christmas. Just picked up the Engine 2 Diet book and I love to ride. You have proven that it’s a potent combination.

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