The Almost Impervious Laws Of Nature

Fist of all if you are visiting having found your way from Twisted Spoke…welcome pull up a chair and join me in a spot of green tea.

 There are laws of nature and recognized theories that make the world spin comfortably on its axis, for example “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  We have all heard it we all recognize how in some cases this could even be true.  Here is another example “Tell Gene he can’t or shouldn’t do something and he will go out of his way TO do it.”  Its an un-arguable fact, it’s one of the laws of nature, right after the law stating there will be no toilet paper in a public restroom.  With my lifestyle change I get a lot of “cants, shouldn’ts, and wouldn’ts” mostly phrased like “Oh I forgot you can’t eat cheese.”  Only in these cases I am inclined not to break the clearly stated laws of the universe and not go out of my way obstinately to prove anyone wrong, instead I retort….”You misunderstood its not a matter of cant it’s a matter of don’t.”  Yet another near daily battle of wording is “You really shouldn’t go out and ride…it’s snowing.”  This statement is usually met with a blank stare and a curse “Pashaw!”  So I layer up my body in an entire laundry load of clothing and hit the road with thoughts of “I will show you shouldn’t, see you in a couple of hours!”  I am starting to suspect that people tell me I shouldn’t ride in a blustery snow storm just so they can watch me try.

4 thoughts on “The Almost Impervious Laws Of Nature

  1. I know these laws. Mine came when “THEY” said I shouldn’t try a century, or “the Live Strong is very hilly, don’t try to do too much.”

    2010 will be a century on the Live Strong route. Looking forward to meting you there!

  2. Those people have never experienced the Zen of cycling in crap weather. Once you get past the cold, the rain and the discomfort, inner peace can be found.

    So speaketh Jedi Master Max 😉

  3. Shall, should, and will, in my former life as a Naval Aviator were defined in NATOPS (operating and standardization manual series). Roughly, Shall – denotes a procedure that is mandatory … Should – denotes a procedure which is recommended … Will – denotes futurity.

    Don’t worry too much what someone else thinks you should do …

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