Polar Rhino Ride

Just in case you didn’t know its New Years Eve, I say big flippin deal I’m stuck at work waiting for the all but guaranteed slew of 911 calls that will ultimately come tonight. Calls where stupid people attempt stupid human tricks and get themselves into all kinds of predicaments that will result in them being hastily taken to the hospital for stitches, casts, foreign body removal…the possibilities are endless. Speaking of stupid human tricks, we are also on the eve of the Polar Rhino Ride which I will be taking part in starting at the crack of noon tomorrow. This is where a few hundred people show up to ride the dirt back roads of our fair county. Now the other night I went out for a ride to insure that the Tri-Cross was in top working order, furthermore, I wanted to run a test on dirt roads now that we are inundated with snow and ice to see how it handles on such surfaces. After going “Tits Up” 6 times in less than a quarter mile I decided (albeit painfully) that perhaps some tires with a little more grip would be in order so I pick up some Michelin Mud 2’s. I take them home mount, inflate and go for a test ride….through my yard. In which case I liken them to this pictorial below:

My Bike before new tires:

My bike after new tires:

Happy New Year Everyone,


4 thoughts on “Polar Rhino Ride

  1. Happy New Year Gene. Hope you guys made it through safely. As the senior patrol officer (emphasis on SENIOR) I didn’t have to wade through the madness that is New Years Eve. The wife and I are watching the Rose Parade but I think I’m inspired. As soon as it’s done we’re going for a ride.
    Here’s to a great 2010 to you and everyone here.

  2. Great way to start the new year. I was stood up by the group this morning, but did manage to put about an hour in the saddle.

    Happy New Year!!

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