“Sludge X”

Gah!  Looks like someone has been remiss with updating the ol 100 Pounds Ago Website and the guilty shall be called Gene.  There are two possible reasons for this inattentiveness I have shown this site A.  Life has been busy leaving me no time to log in and update or B. There really is nothing all that new going on around here and the lack of anything new and news worthy has left me with bubkis as far as new “stuff”…..SURVEY SAYS….the answer is B.  Outside of a freakish mid winter warm up where the temps have nearly tip toed their way into the 40’s there is absolutely nothing to report here. 

Wait….there is one thing…..I found, and have yet to name, a new form of primordial sludge.  This sludge can be collected by your legs, back, and over your entire frame during a ride it is unknown whether or not this sludge is present all over the country or a limited to Lower Michigan occurrence.  I first noticed this sludge during one of the warmer days as it was hard to miss since I was very nearly covered in head to toe with it.  It’s quasi slimy in consistency and close to perfect black as you can get and has a certain odor, not an unpleasant odor…..just an odor.  I have, as of today, not worked up the courage to provide a taste report and doubt that the taste of this substance lends any credibility to my discovery, you know in the name of science and all.  “Sludge X” as I refer to it has an alarming propensity to rust, in short order, any metal substance it clings to and seems capable of stripping even the most resolute chain lube in no time at all.  Further testing on “Sludge X” will be forthcoming

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