An Object In Motion Will Remain In Motion….

…Until he smashes his face into the concrete. 

It started out as a simple enough plan, short on time so a quick 16 mile originating from my house.  Ride, shower, go to meeting at the kids school.  Traffic was…well it was early afternoon traffic so I was plotting and scheming the route that would put me on as many secondary roads as possible.  On the return, about 2 miles away from my house I decided to cut through down a side road and bypass a formidable and inhospitable intersection….and that’s pretty much all I remember.  One second I am riding the next I am on the face down on the ground and in a lot of pain….and there is blood.  I push myself up and stand up and try to survey the scene.  First I take a swipe across my face with my hand and get an immediate report of blood issuing from both my nose and what feels like a laceration under my left eye.  A quick glance down at my coat confirms that I am indeed bleeding.  I start to take a physical inventory of what is hurting I ask for a report from below the waist, knee immediately answers “left knee has sustained some damage sir!  “Brain this is left hip, left hip has sustained a direct hit!  We are still in this one!”  I then ask for a damage assessment from above the waist and left shoulder sounds the claxon of damage “Left shoulder…..cough…..hack….Left Shoulder……gasp…..I’m trying to keep it together…..cant hold on much longer…..hack…..”  Brain to spine, come in spine.  “Brain this is spine took a hell of a twist but we are good to go!” 

I turn my attention to my bike…it’s an ugly scene, the bars are spun grotesquely into and under to the top tube, my shifter is nowhere near where it usually is.  I stand it up and straighten the bars and see a horrid bend to the left side.  Bar tape is ground off on the outside and my Garmin looks like someone took a belt sander to it.  I remount figuring I need to get home and address these injuries before the pain really starts to set in.  The ride home I am glancing all over surveying more and more damage.  Left knee of my Specialized thermal tights are shredded, I can see skin on my left shoulder which means exactly 3 layers of clothing are now trashed including my Team Fat Cyclist jersey.  I have one gear that works, and my rear brake no longer functions.  To really add to the insult another pair of Oakleys has fallen victim, this time my XXX’s are broken.  I limp it to my house and head into the bathroom to inspect my face which took the full brunt of the hit.  I clean all of the dried blood off and am left with a jagged cut and a rapidly swelling cheek.  I strip off the layers and just as I suspected everything except my socks and shoes is damaged more or less beyond repair and I am also looking at a nice healthy collection of road rash on the left side of my body from hip to shoulder…and face.  I shower and get dressed and head out to the garage to check my helmet, and this is precisely when the sick feeling washes over me.  It’s cracked and the outer shell is virtually ground down to the foam over a large section right where the temporal section of my head would have taken the hit had I not been wearing the helmet.  I can only assume I hit a small patch of ice on the road and went down.  Now I have to take the bike in tomorrow to see what the real damage is.  Wear your helmets!

13 thoughts on “An Object In Motion Will Remain In Motion….

  1. Looks like some Yakuza/Triad tattoo on your cheek. Glad you had the helmet on. I was just talking with a colleague who rides and she mentioned that it’s odd seeing a cyclist without a helmet these days. Of course, being old and forgetful, there was a day last summer when I went out for a quick 12 miler and couldn’t believe how great I felt. Something was different…yep, I’d forgotten my lid. I was about four miles into the ride (yeah, I know, how did I not realize), and only two miles from my turn-around so I just kept going. Funny though, once I realized I was sans chapeau, I really felt self conscious about being on the road without it. Go figure.

    Hoep everything heals well. Don’t forget…new helmet too. The stuff we use is not rated for multiple impacts. Bring it with you if you bought it from the LBS. Most companies have a crash replacement policy if you can prove purchase.

  2. Ouch! I leave for a while and look what you end up doing!

    Jokes aside, it looks like you were actually quite lucky… a bit of roadrash is part and parcel of riding, but having destroyed your helmet points out to how fortunate you were.

    As hte Chef dais, hope all heals well. Do throw away your old helmet and replace the gear. If that is the worst of it, no problemo.

    keep us updated!

  3. Bloody hell, mate! I hope you feel better soon. Also, I want pics of the rest of the road rash. In for a penny, and all that.

    Important question: how’s the bike? 😉

  4. Check with your LBS mine arranged for a new helmet for free (actually a short story on What happened) the last time I did that.

    I did almost the exact same thing only on a wet spot on the trail, bottom of a slight dip with a curve coming out of it, hit a puddle and the next thing I remember blood is dripping in my eye, and running down my face. I had to go to the emergency room for stitches. As we were coming out of the ER my wife was giving me heck for hurting myself. A nurse that we passed stopped her and told her that injuries were something you could expect living with an athlete, I almost kissed him. First time in my sixty year life I had ever been called an athlete by a stranger that was not making fun of me. I was so happy.

  5. “A nurse that we passed stopped her and told her that injuries were something you could expect living with an athlete, I almost kissed him. First time in my sixty year life I had ever been called an athlete by a stranger that was not making fun of me. I was so happy.”

    Cliff, that has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in ages! Thanks for the laugh! Bet it made the stitches hurt a little less, huh? Glad you recovered 🙂

  6. Don’t forget. Chicks love scars.
    Seriously Dude. Glad you’re still walking and writing. Still, can you imagine the ribbing if you’d have had to call out the boys and girls from the station to pick you up? I’m guessing that’s a pizza violation at least.
    And if you need repairs, don’t forget I’ve got mad welding skills.
    Stay safe brother. We need you out there.

  7. Okay, NOW you’re a real cyclist. All that other stuff before was just an accident waiting to happen! I recall my first road rash with pride. And helmets….ALWAYS.

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