My Secret Happy Place

I found a new spot to ride and by far its my most favoritist (totally a word) what makes me love it so is its near desolate nature.  I rode it on Wednesday and I saw one other person in 30 miles.  Minimal road crossing, lots of winding lazy turns, delicious solitude, great views….a really nice trail to clear your head.  Its part of the Oakland County Trail System which includes the Paint Creek Trail, The Clinton River Trail and now my favorite the Polly Ann Trail.  If you’re in the neighborhood you should definitely check it out. 

You cant see them in this picture but there are signs at road crossings that direct users of the trail to things like restrooms, snacks, and emergency medical treatment. A really nice addition to the trail system.
Glorious solitude

4 thoughts on “My Secret Happy Place

  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous. If I were you, I’d ride this day in, day out. Work, study, family.. all of it would take second place. 😉

    1. Max,
      I am living proof that you can combine study time and cycling I took some homework out on the trail with me the other day and finished it sitting by the lake about 14 miles into the ride. It was very nice. Pictures of the lake forthcoming.

  2. Do you use one or two wraps of aluminum foil under your helmet to, you know. keep the thought police from those towers out of your head.
    Oh,No! I just gave out my secret!

    1. Dave,
      Everyone knows that the Thought Police dont need to read your mind in order to accuse you of being a thought criminal. Aluminum Foil offers no safe haven from being accused. I am still trying to get a copy of the 11th version of the Newspeak Dictonary by the way.

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