Fundraising Facebook Style

So in order to collect as much money as possible for Tour de Cure I essentially used shame, embarrassment, comedy, idle threats, and insane meaningless chatter.  I used all this on Facebook, interestingly for getting such a bad media rap it proved to be a very beneficial tool in raising money.  By my best “guesstimate” I would venture a guess that somewhere in the neighborhood of 93.99765% of the money raised was done so by people visiting my personal donation page directly from a Facebook link.  It’s not that I simply posted a link over and over again (well actually I did just that) it’s that I posted it with something else of interest…or dis-interest you pick.  Here are some of the badgering methods I used, I copied and pasted directly from my Facebook profile:

1.  If you donate I will tell you whats under the kilt!
2. Can you smell that? It’s the smell of $1500.00 for my Tour de Cure…..please give I am almost there!
3. Donate to Tour de Cure and I will you send you a 8×10 glossy of me in Lycra…..autographed for an added bonus!
4. After doing some Geographical research I have decided that my East Coast friends have given more money than my West Coast friends….we can also Rap better!
5. Give or your Birthday is cancelled this year!
6. Give or you are forever banished from my Christmas Card list….and you run the risk of me streaking your Christmas Party!
7. Donate to Tour de Cure or one very nekkid Gene is going to show up at your Memorial Day BBQ…..I got a fresh new supply of body paint and body glitter, I aint even Bull Crappin folks!!!!!
8. It’s a proven fact that when you donate to Tour de Cure your IQ goes up and you are much more attractive to the opposite sex. If you don’t you are just a plain butt ugly buffoon.
9. Give to Tour de Cure or I will streak your next Birthday Party, Family BBQ, Choir Concert, Baptism, Open House, Wedding, Funeral, Bar-mitzvah, or Block Party with your name written in body paint across my chest and wearing body glitter. Dont think I wont either!
10. If you have told me a secret in the last 25 years I will make your secret public on Facebook for all to see unless you donate to my ride! I aint even kidding here folks!
11. Donations have grinded to a halt over the past few days. Donate to Tour de Cure….all the cool kids are doing it!
12. Still plenty of room on the “Wall of Awesomeness” for donating to Tour de Cure. Donate, go on the wall, and be the envy of all of your friends.
13. I am now beating the cop, but only by $1.00…need to bolster up my lead over this clown. Who feels like opening the pocket book today? I am up to $981.00 and the team is up to $2441.00 which makes us 2nd over all.
14. I am currently losing to a COP in my Tour de Cure donation amount! Are you guys going to let me come in second place to a COP?!?!?!?
15. Who wants to help me raise some dollars for Diabetes? I am the one that has to ride my bike all you have to do is donate. Pretty Please?

2 thoughts on “Fundraising Facebook Style

  1. I especially like #’s 3, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 15. I may have to steal these for my ACS ride and LiveStrong Philly!

    Rock it my Brother!

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