Dusty Car Project- UPDATE

The “Dusty Car Project” lasted a lot longer than I thought and to be honest I was making a good run at a week without needing a car.  Interestingly it was a bike that undid the entire experiment.  Allow me to esplain (please use Ricky accent for the previous mis-spelling of explain).   I decided to fix up my brothers bike, so I drop it off about a week and a half ago for a complete overhaul.  New rims, tubes, tires, cables, etc etc.  I get the call yesterday afternoon that it is complete and ready for pick up.  Only thing is I am watching my youngest and simply cannot figure out a way to get both of us there and pick up a bike at the same time.  I had to begrudgingly locate my car keys and take the walk of shame out to the grey beast to ….drive…..ugh….to the shop to pick up the bike.   Its goes to show you though that you probably should not brag to your neighbor that you have gone 6 days without using a car, because sure as crap you are going to be forced to do so that very same day. 

All was not lost though while at the shop I was able to check out my next purchase of a rear rack and some panniers. 

 I have told you about this dude right?  Yeah I know for a fact I have, he lost an astounding amount of weight (230 lbs to be exact) he wrote a particularly poignant post yesterday about failure.  If you are trying to cut some pounds and you are a little down on yourself you need to read this.  I am not even bull-crappin folks.

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