I was never a Boy Scout but I do, given my profession, understand the concept of “Always Prepared” or I think that’s the Boy Scout motto?  Anyway, I was caught not once but twice with my pants down this week…..(wait that came out wrong given the fact that “pants down” and “Boy Scout” was mentioned in the same paragraph!!!)  Ok, I was caught unprepared…that’s better!  One was a bona fide injury type thing (someone else not me) that I happened across on a limestone trail system and the second was a flat a ghastly distance from my house with no spare tube, no patch kit, and no inflator.  The tire thing was totally my fault; I deserve that one and will take it as a lesson learned.  Too many times I have gambled on air filled tires for the duration of my rides.  Believe you me now there is a seat kit filled with all kinds of rubber repair and replacement goodies.

The injury thing, I could very nearly kick myself for being caught in the open with nary a bandage or a latex glove within 10 miles of my grimy hands.  Do you know what they call a highly trained Firefighter/ EMS/ Haz-Mat/ Tech Rescue/ WMD dude such as me when you are sans any equipment to treat or render aid to an injured person?  LAME!  That’s what you call them and I was the reigning King holding court over the Kingdom of Lamery that day my friends.   Not again on my watch folks NOT AGAIN ON MY WATCH!!  I now have a smallish kit that’s super light yet highly effective for injured parties I may come across or heaven forbid may need myself.  Its super light and takes up very little space and can even be tucked away in a rear jersey pocket.  I will crack off a few pics and post them tomorrow when I get off duty. 

 Please for the love of Sam…wear your helmets!

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