Ultra Light Cycling First Aid

As promised here is the prototype mini first aid kit I made up for cycling.  The one I am showing below is slightly larger than what would be comfortable in a jersey pocket however it fits rather well in an under saddle bag or a backpack/Camelback/Panniers the smaller jersey version is still in development and should be out in the very near future.  The box it is all kept in is a smallish tin box with a waterproof seal and a snap closure.   Here are the vital stats I even weighed it for all of you weight freaks out there:

Length: 6 inches
Width: 3 3/4 inches
Height: 1 inch
Weight: 5.5 ounces

1- Laerdal pocket CPR Mask
1- Triangular Bandage (perfect for stabilizing an arm and/or a shoulder injury)
1- Pair of Latex free gloves
2- .9g tubes of Neosporin
4- 2×2 12 ply gauze bandages (Why so small? Because if needed you can unfold the 2×2’s and make them a larger bandage. You can also use to triangular bandage to hold the gauze on a laceration)
8- Standard issue Band-Aids
2- Packets of Vionex (Antiseptic wipes excellent for cleaning if you happen to get blood on your hands, can also be used to clean up a wound if needed)

2 thoughts on “Ultra Light Cycling First Aid

    1. There is something in the works right now actually. It will not net millions but it will make available two different micro-kits for under 10 bucks each. I am working on getting the price down as far as possible right now to make it more appealing to people.

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