Big Macs ‘aka’ Death Bombs

I, like other mere mortals, still have certain cravings for certain food items. Now, I will tell you that two important anniversaries happened here at 100 Pounds Ago that passed by virtually un-noticed by all. First- My one year anniversary of quitting smoking, Second- My transition to Veganism. Now I will say that after well over a year I don’t crave cigarettes anymore in fact I find the mere smell of them nearly nauseating, furthermore I simply cannot be around smoke cause…well you know….I am a really awesome cyclist and we have to protect our lungs and whatnot. I do however have the occasional food craving, but not just any food I have craving for the worst food imaginable….McDonalds. Not so very long ago I pretty much lived on the confections that the Golden Arches pedaled, and not so long ago I was a train wreck of a human physically speaking and currently I pedal my ears off to maintain what I achieved as far as weight loss. If you think I am going to allow that fat nastiness to come into contact with my palate you have another thing coming!!!

Usually I just have to remind myself that Mc-D’s is evil and what it would do to me if I did partake in that food again, however, recently I have had to get drastic. I decided to look up the nutritional (quick aside here: the word “Nutrition” and “McDonalds” probably should not be mentioned in the same sentence) information on what was once my signature meal. Try not to scream folks but I am going to lay out a lunch or a dinner in my world when “Fat Gene” was in office and running the show. Now at least 4 meals in any given week would consist of: 3 Big Macs, 1 large fry, and 1 giant Coke….disgusting I know, and very embarrassing to admit to anyone I ate that. If you go to the Mc-D’s website you can actually use a tool and load up a virtual tray with some of their death bombs and it will give you a running tally on the…..ahem….so called nutritional value of the mean you designed. Here are the totals for the meal I have listed above:
2570 Calories
114 grams of fat
33 grams saturated fat
205 mg cholesterol
205% of daily trans and saturated fat

Seriously, I am never eating there as long as I live, its no wonder I was in the shape I was.

Want to see where your favorite burger stacks up in the “Unhealthy” linup?   Click HERE


5 thoughts on “Big Macs ‘aka’ Death Bombs

  1. 2570 cal in a single meal? Fark. Dude, I don’t know what to say, except that I’m glad you’ve changed your diet. That’s some heart-stopping, artery-clogging, tumor-creating evil right there. :O


  2. Not where you start but where you finish … your journey to date is more than a few steps/pedals beyond amazing and you, your family, friends and the firehouse are all reaping the benefits – keep pressing!

  3. Yep, evil and McDonalds go hand in hand. I liked Big Macs too and would polish off 4 when they were “2 for $3.00”. My big weakness, though, was the $1.00 double cheeseburgers. I could polish off 5 of those babies no problem. I would wash it down with a DIET coke, of course, to convince myself I had made a “healthy” choice. Crazy.

    I don’t set foot in McDs anymore except to occasionally get JUST a Diet Coke, or if I’m with friends who want to eat there. The smell of the place makes me sick – they all have that greasy, McDs smell. Yuck.

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