Rights and Lefts



See that picture above?  See that sign where you get to choose left or right?  What a perfect representation of life, this is a sign that sits on a road exactly 8.3 miles away from my house.  

To the right is the easy road home, which would be 8.3 miles back to the comfort of a recliner, a hot shower, cold water, and air conditioning.  

To the left is 34 miles of leg numbing pain, hot exhaust, tall hills, winding corners,  and sweat.  

To the right are all the people who doubt me, the ones that said you will never meet that goal of weight loss, you will never get off all of that medication.  They are the ones that subscribe to the theory “eat right, live right, die anyway”  they are the ones that sleep in every morning and are perfectly at ease living a sedentary lifestyle of glutenous excesses.  

To the left are the people who told me to press on, give it hell, and “you do have the guts and fortitude to do this thing.”  

To the right is all of those mornings I didn’t want to get out of bed and fought with myself that I could skip that ride “just today”  to the right of my bed is an alarm clock with a snooze button that taunts me.  

To the left of my bed is the door that leads to the hallway that leads to the garage where my bike is.  

To the right is Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, atrial fibrillation and a shortened life. 

To the left is a life devoid of all of those physical ailments that use to enslave me. 

I’m turning left, which way will you turn?

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