This Is What I Am Talking About

This “Rocket Surgeon” was published in the Opinion section of a local newspaper yesterday:
When Bike Paths are Present Bike Riders Should Use Them
To answer the writer of “Motorists must allow bicyclists leeway” driving in Bloomfield and West Bloomfield on weekends is no fun.  The “wannabe Lance Armstrong’s” are taking over the narrow roads.  There is often no leeway other then crossing over to the wrong side of the road following a bicycle at its speed!  There are miles and miles of bicycle paths built for motorless vehicles.  These weekend bike enthusiasts completely ignore what was built for their safety.  If there are bicycle paths, the bike riders should have to use them or be ticketed.

Susanne (last name omitted by Gene)
Waterford Township 

Please, allow me to retort:

West Bloomfield has exactly 4.25 miles of these so called “bike paths”  in a city that is over 30 square miles I would dare call this “inadequate”  wouldn’t you agree?

4 thoughts on “This Is What I Am Talking About

  1. I never cease to be amazed by how many people in cars get ticked off at cyclists. Aren’t their bigger fish to fry? If someone gets red-faced and increases their heartrate because they have to wait a few minutes to get around a cyclist, they need some major help. As for bike lanes – yes, statistics show they are the safest place for cyclists. Their existence is increasing, but is by no means ubiquitous. I can’t wait until they are. As for paths/trails – those aren’t always practical when you’re actually trying to get somewhere (i.e. “commute”).

    I encountered 5-6 moments of bike rage on my recent century ride. One guy yelled “get out of the way fat boy” and there were other episodes of honking horns, yelling and miscellaneous gestures. Get a life. If any of them came close enough and I had time and it were safe, I’d kick the side of their car.

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