Unexpected Awesomness

Posted: September 4, 2010 in My Rad Friends, Wreckin

Remember these guys? 

Of course you do!  Thats the Brothers-N-Blue Cycling Club that I belong to.  This was taken in Brighton, Michigan at the 2010 Tour de Cure.  Do you remember what happened at the Tour de Cure?  Let me remind you…we DOMINATED…we raised a ton of money.  coincidentally a large chunk of that money came from 100poundsago readers so in essence you to can take credit for being a beacon of awesomness.  Remember when I said that the cops in my city are some of the finest around, well to further prove my point I received a surprise gift yesterday from “The Team” …our esteemed Captain stopped by my house yesterday and presented me with a gift card from the shop my bike is currently convalescing that is going to cover a huge portion of the cost to repair my bike!  I was more or less speechless I could barely forms the words “Thank You” …It seems that Brothers-N-Blue where in cahoots with the bike shop to figure out how much the bike was going to cost and they decided to pay for a large portion of it.  How can you not love riding and being friends with people like this.  THANKS GUYS! 

I am going to write a full post in the next couple of days on what the shop Cycletherapy did for me as well.  I thought that they deserve a post of their own so that the awesomness they have shown to me can be fully appreciated.

  1. […] I told you about the Brothers-N-Blue crew giving me a large chunk of the money which you can read HERE.  As promised here is the other part of what happened that got my bike back in my hands so […]

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