Rad Shop, Rad Art

Good news everyone, in case you missed my barrage of Facebook posts and Twitters (is that the correct plural usage?)  Anyway, My Specalized Tricross underwent a serious operation at the hands of James and the crew at Cycletherapy.  James called me and said that the Tricross would be ready Saturday morning.  Now the repairs where expensive, at least they are to me I live on a meager public servant salary.  Two forces joined together to absorb a good majority of those costs.  I told you about the Brothers-N-Blue crew giving me a large chunk of the money which you can read HERE.  As promised here is the other part of what happened that got my bike back in my hands so quickly.   I am perhaps a little too attached to my bike, and for good reason.  I have spent countless hours and countless miles on that bike in the name of health and fitness.  It was, and is, my tool for losing weight, continued gains in fitness, a future of healthy living and a major factor in dealing with life’s stressors.  You could see why I would take expensive damage to this bike as a personal attack yes?  You can see why having to face repairs I simply cannot afford I would simply feel sick to my stomach at the thought of my bike resting on the hooks in the garage battered and un-repaired while I saved the money to have the repairs done right?  I thought so.

Now I walked into Cycletherapy with no illusions that this was going to cost me, I just didn’t know how much.  I handed the bike off to James the day after the “accident” when I was still limping, when I couldn’t raise my right hand above my waist, when the road rash was still burning like flaming hot pokers in my flesh.  He said he would get back to me after the crew went over the bike with a fine tooth comb and listed out what needed to be fixed and replaced.  I got the call and it was as bad, if not worse than I thought.  I was going to have to pick up the bike and hang it on the hooks.  James said “Let me see what I can do.”  A call back later I found out that a huge chunk of the labor was going to be absorbed by the shop.  Did they have to do that?  No they didn’t.  Did James have to go that extra mile for me?  No he didn’t but he did, the shop did and for that I can’t thank them enough.  Another thing that struck me is how they showed genuine concern for my well being asking repeatedly if I was ok etc etc.  Stand up guys every single one of them.  If you are in the area and in need of one seriously RAD shop go to Cycletherapy…tell em 100poundsago sent you. 

On a different note not entirely unrelated I asked James if he would save all of the pieces parts that had to be replaced so I could make a modern art masterpiece of the wreckage.  Work has begun on that masterpiece I have decided to name “Un-Attentive Driver”.  This is going to be the background of the piece.  In case you can’t tell what it is it is the back of the jersey I was wearing when I was hit.  Now before you go jumping all up in my grill about destroying a jersey I will tell you the hospital did that for me when they cut it off of me in the ER.   I have stenciled cars in black and red all over the back.  I know I know your face nearly melted off at such an awesome displayof artistic genius right? 

Complete with the three back pockets and reflective trim.

3 thoughts on “Rad Shop, Rad Art

  1. It’s great to hear about Cycletherapy absorbing a huge chunk of labor costs on fixing your battered bike. It got me to thinking … some of the worst, most dishonest, rip-off service I have ever got in my life was back when I had a car that needed repairs. And some of the best, most honest, decent service I have ever got in my life has been in bike shops. You gotta wonder – is there a connection between cars and Jerk Behavior, and bikes and Stand Up Guy Behavior?

  2. Glad you are okay and going to be back on two wheels shortly. There is absolutely NOTHING more valuable in cycling than a good relationship with a quality shop. Part mechanic, part therapist, and all support. I’m nobody’s corporate shill, but I wear my shop’s kit whenever I’m on the bike as a big “thank you.”

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