Why Firefighters Should Not Build Websites

Ever get one of those ideas…Lets say for instance you have a picture in your head of what something should look like but come time to execute….disappointment?  I am just gonna throw out a hypothetical scenario for you faithful readers.  I have this “friend” who has this quasi popular (not really) website bloggy thing.  He got it in his brain that he wanted to change the look of it to something more edgy, rad, tubular, etc. The only issue is while he can hang ten on the internet machine like none other and can move files around and the like he has absolutely no clue how to build a website.  The poor fellow does not even know he doesn’t know how to build websites?  It seems as if he lives in some form of alternate universe wherein he is the master of all domain names and people bow to worship him blah blah blah.  Imagine his surprise when it came time for him to change the site and imagine his frustration when he could not get it the way he wanted it.  He even had a cool logo for the site and much to his chagrin it was simply not possible to incorporate it into the site.  Anyhow, that’s the story of my friend…poor soul.

7 thoughts on “Why Firefighters Should Not Build Websites

  1. Well, this friend is responsible for building 3 websites. Unfortunately, they all look like crap because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing either. Add lack of artistic talent to the mix, and you will understand why they function, but are not in the least bit exciting. All that to say, would love to help your “friend” but would probably only make things worse!

  2. Got to be a way to add the logo. I’m even less smart than your friend, but there must be a way to save the file in a format that the website can accept.

  3. Does your friend have any web designer friends among his readers? Some might be able to help with a little pro bono work. I’m not as much of a WordPress guru than others, but I’d be happy to help if I can.

      1. Gene I know how to put logo’s up and some of the basics, hit me up if you need something


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