Why My Kit Is Better Than Yours

Saturdays ride started like any other autumn ride, check the tires, throw a little lube on the chain, fill the bottle and toss the snack in the jersey pocket.  I say it started the same but about 2 miles in something truly odd happened…a wave….by another cyclist.  He was fully kitted out in all matchy swag.  I nearly fell over; I reluctantly threw my hand in the air to return the wave.  Then a little further down the road yet another, this time from a jogger?  I was dumbfounded until I realized the reason they where probably waving was the kit I was wearing which is by far quite possibly the raddest kit this side of the Pyrenees.  A kit that demands respect and admiration from all who lay eyes upon it a kit that simply yet sternly says “the wearer of this kit rules the planet on a whole different level” just what is this mysterious yet magical set of cycling awesomeness you ask?  Well it was hand delivered to me on Thursday and you can see it below. 

This jersey is reserved for rad people who raise a silly amount of money for the ADA Tour De Cure
The matching shorts....notice how my legs look instantly more superior and my butt looks absolutely breathtaking.

6 thoughts on “Why My Kit Is Better Than Yours

    1. First of all Congrats! Second you so look Awesomer than normal… and 3rd… thank you for cropping the shorts image so I don’t see/learn something about my brother I don’t want to know ;o)

      Love you!

  1. Well, you’ve certainly given me inspiration to work toward that kit in June, 2011. LOL. Are you up for the century ride? I’m currently signed up for the 62-mile, but would enjoy the challenge of a century that early in the season…

    1. Jon, perhaps I forgot to tell you but I signed us both up for the Century already…did I forget to tell you? Oh yeah loser has to wear a chicken suit to the after party.


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