Frostbite and Sunburn

Has it really been a week since I have updated this site?  Apparently yes it has.  I know how you all hang on my every post, follow me like disciples and feverishly read and digest every word I write like it was a great prognostication telling of future fortunes and greatness.  I have let you down making you wait a week for any of my wise tidings.  My most humble apologies and may the fleas from a thousand camels infest my armpits!

 After months of waiting we Michiganders are in that time of year that delicately balances upon “I wore too much riding” or “Sheesh I didn’t wear enough”  it’s a tough time of year for we noble people that call the “Mitten” home we are seemingly always in a state of weather related flux.  I mean seriously how many people out there have to wear 3 distinct outfits for riding…at the same time?  There is a saying here in the Great Lakes State….if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes it will change.  It is not uncommon for you to start out in winter riding gear and by the end of your ride you are in summer gear.  You think I am lying…ask around.  People from Michigan will regale you with stories of sunburn and frost bite that occurred on the same day.   I have to relearn my dressing tactics from last year and have not quite got it down “just so” yet having spent Saturday sweating profusely and Sunday a shivering frozen mess.  I am in the process of writing a “How to Survive Michigan Cycling” guide that I will be posting on the site very soon.  As usual it will be chock full of sarcasm and hilarity. 

In other news I was asked to do something truly AWESOME last week!  What you ask?  I will tell you once it goes public and official but it has to do with the American Diabetes Association.  Needless to say 2011 is going to be an awesome year around these parts. 

 Stay tuned and stay away from the Halloween candy!!!!!!

P.S. The word “Michiganders” is not corrected in spellcheck….which gives us from Michigan some Street Cred.

9 thoughts on “Frostbite and Sunburn

    1. John,

      In the past I have not, i just ran a more agressive tire in the winter and it has worked out fine. Last year I tried the Michelin Mud III and it worked awesome.


  1. The only thing I’ve found that works: layers and layers and layers of wool. I’m talking pants, jersey, balaclava, socks, everything. Top it off with an outer shell of tech fabric if it’s windy.

    Those technical fabrics are nice in the summer and when it gets a little chilly out, but I find that they can’t handle the wild temperature fluctuations you experience when riding during spring and autumn in Michigan. The only drawback I’ve found is that wool doesn’t repel water very well (but it dries quicker!) and until you warm up, you have to stop every mile or so to peel off another layer.

    1. Everett,

      I had it down to a science last winter….seems I have forgotten all of what I learned. Its coming back to me though, kinda like riding a bike. (lame attempt at humor I know but its early)


  2. Just came across your blog and love it. I’m a transplanted Michigander now living in Las Vegas. The weather here is brutal in the summer for daytime rides – we usually try to get any riding in before sun up in the summer. Winter on the other hand is wonderful. Today , for example we are heading to a high of 84 degrees.

  3. Gene,

    I like lame humor, hehe. If my jokes don’t get my family to roll their eyes at me I figure it wasn’t a good joke. They on the other hand will tell you it was not funny. I know better. I can’t wait to hear the news you teased us with. Come on tell us.


  4. I am so clueless. That is all I can say in response…clueless. I’ve made a few mods to my older bike, but when it comes to gear, I am completely clueless. I guess this will be my live and learn winter. Wish me luck.

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