Turning Negative Into Positive

In what ways does a positive attitude affect you?   I am of the firm opinion that it can, does and will affect you in a myriad of different ways.  I am pretty much guilty of always pointing out the negative, what started as a small annoying habit has turned into years of negativity.  I read through some of the posts here and I think to myself…”sheesh, what a pessimist!”  Some of those posts I have never published some where and serve as a constant reminder of “look at the good Gene!” Although its not strictly pessimism, rather a list of demands placed on myself in which I can never achieve…leading to yet more negative feelings and finding the flaws in everything.  A vicious circle it is, and if you have ever been caught in it you know of which circle I speak.  The slowly building vortex of negativity that quickly clouds even the clearest of visions and drags you further into the tunnel vision of negativity.  I was reading in a church newspaper recently about a challenge a pastor threw down about thanks, wherein he challenged the congregation to write down each day 3 things they where thankful for and to repeat daily for 30 days.  There was one caveat; you had to come up with 3 new things a day.   Since we are approaching that time of year where we all should focus on what we are thankful for I find this a good segue into changing negativity into positivity (not a word) and reverse my normal thought process to that which I am thankful. 

It would be easy to take all of the credit and accolades that are thrown upon me for losing weight, I mean after all I am the one that tortured myself on the road sitting atop that wee little seat, pedal stroke after endless pedal stroke.  Sweat, tears, vomit, Gestapo like dietary self demands, blood and in a case or two injury…they are all my doing right?  NO!  While I am the face of what I did the body is a laundry list of others who should take their turn in the limelight for they have never once been listed here.

From time to time I come up with near insane ideas, they span from odd vacation plans to the most absurd tattoo anyone has ever seen….I say insane because to me they are crazy after some thought, to one particular person they are not really that crazy.  Who is this facilitator of the insane you inquire?  My wife, she who never batted an eye at the mention of me converting my diet to strict vegetarian.  She who offered to plan out, shop and prepare all of the meals I would need.  She who for nearly two years has never complained about anything I needed or wanted….patched my gear, had hot coffee ready when I finished riding in the dead of winter and has supported me every step of the way.  Thanks Babe!

3 thoughts on “Turning Negative Into Positive

  1. Where would we be without the women in our lives? I know where I’d be…probably 6 feet under. I can relate to your vortex, completely. I think anyone who has battled the weight that we’ve battled probably battles the negativity issue too. While those who supported you are indeed important, you need to give yourself a lot of credit too, Gene. There are very few people in this world that could do what you’ve done – it is an accomplishment and a reason to be proud.

  2. Something to consider, I understand your reason to be vegetarian, but adding some red meat to your diet actually does boost T-levels and helps build muscle, theres a lot of information on subject, might be something to read up on.

  3. positive and negative behavior is always been an influence in my life. it is wonderful to read how you feel about it now. there have been tough times in the past few years and its great to know you are doing good and sticking with the riding. i hope things continue to move forward and up for you. coming from an old friend im glad you are making the most of what you have.

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